Neutrogena Models for TV Ads

Neutrogena models

It’s amazing to see some companies spend big bucks on advertising and not offer anything that catches the eye. This is not the case with Neutrogena and their TV ads work great. Neutrogena has a large stable of beautiful models they use to help them sell their products. Using one of their models to showcase the neutrogena skin id is a recipe for success. Other advertisers on television should take notes when they see some of these Neutrogena commercials. You don’t have to pay close attention to catch their TV ads. They will hit you like a ton of bricks; once you see one of their lovely models promoting one of their products. They have a long line of products to offer consumers and most of these deal with the skin. If you’re promoting beautiful skin, you obviously want to show male and female models with perfect skin. Since most men don’t care about their skin, these Neutrogena TV ads are mostly geared to the female crowds.

I’m not sure how many models are currently working for Neutrogena or how many they have used in the past. I do know they are one of the few companies that grab my attention each time I see their ads on television. It’s more than eye-candy that gets your attention. Their ads bring you to a place that you would like to be, so you focus-in and try to learn how to get there. Getting to these places with perfect skin is just the cherry on top, but it’s the cherry that Neutrogena has built it’s success on. I know it’s not cheap to buy TV ads, but some companies still pay the big bucks and forget to put money in the actual advertisements. Landing a television commercial is only half of the battle and companies like Neutrogena know how to win the other half of the battle.

Article publié pour la première fois le 19/01/2010

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