New Avon Age Product as Featured on The View

New Over 60 Age Products from Avon

The women from daytime television recently featured an amazing guest, talking about an amazing product. The guest on THE View was the lovely Jacqueline Bisset, who has been appearing on the TV and in movies for over 4 decades now. You don’t see many celebrities doing that these days and usually its due to lack of beauty from aging. Ms. Bisset shows very little signs of aging and she will probably continue her fabulous young looks, since she is currently advertising and using these great, new anti-aging products from Avon. This is the first time ever, that a series of beauty products have been specially made and designed for women who are 60 years of age and older. These new beauty products from Avon are called the Anew Platinum Set and it features a nightime cream and a Avon serum product too.

Anew Platinum Night Cream

This new night time cream from Avon has been specially formulated for those women, who have passed their 60th birthday and want to continue looking young. The Anew Platinum Night Cream is just one half of the cure, which Avon has recently perfected, to help women stay young-looking, well into their golden years of life. This new night cream from Avon will be a product that a lot of women will want to start using as soon as they turn 60 years old. I’m not sure what benefits this product holds, for women who start using it before their 60th birthday. I’m sure Avon feels that other anti-aging products already on the market now, already does a great job with helping women to stay looking their best before the age of 60. Once a woman does arrive on this very special birthday year, she can begin using a product, which was designed perfectly, with her in mind at this age. Now like I said, this is only one-half of the aging cure for women in their 60’s and up. There is another new product from Avon that works along side the night time cream, so both products can provide you and your skin the best protection against old age.

Anew Platinum Serum

Here is the 2nd part to your anti-aging worries. Ladies from 60 years of age and above, will use the special Anew Platinum Serum in conjunction with the Avon Platinum night cream. Together these products will provide the best defense against aging. Finally, after all of these years, someone decided to tackle the problems of aging; when it is affecting women the most. Yes, there are a lot of beauty products and food diets we can all be doing now, before we reach these later years in our life, to slow down the aging process in our bodies. But none of us know how well we are doing or how bad it is going, before it is all too late. If you miss the window in years past, you just had to grow old gracefully or the best you could, without any real hopes of slowing down the process. Until Avon decided to tackle this centuries old battle against women and the affects of old aging. Women just don’t have a product to battle old age at 60, but they actually have a product that they can win with! And this is the best news of all, that women everywhere don’t have to be prisoners in their own bodies, as they mature and get older. The new Avon Platinum Set; which features the Avon Anew Platinum Cream and the Avon Anew Platinum Serum is going to provide women 60 and above, a new age weapon against an old age problem!

It’s a good thing Avon was able to hire someone like Jacqueline Bisset to help advertise and launch this new beauty product to women. She will be a great spokesperson for the new Avon Platinum Set. It shouldn’t take women long to learn about the new beauty product from Avon either. Since there are a lot of women who tune in to The View 5 days a week to see what Whoopi, Joy, Sherry, and Elisabeth are talking about in Hot Topics. Oh yeah, you also have Barbara Walters who shows up and works whenever she feels like it. Which really makes it tougher to hear everyone, when they add a 5th woman to the panel on The View. Also, Barbara has a bad habit of wanting to interrupt others when they’re trying to speak and then when she finally does have the floor, she doesn’t really offer anything productive to the conversation. The View needs to stay with 4 women and 4 women only!

For the younger ladies, who have been tuning-in and watching The View, they might want to pass the secrets about Avon to their mothers. The new Avon anti-aging products for women 60 and older is a wonderful idea and I think its great they are looking after all of the older Moms out there. After all, our Moms always did a great job looking over us and now we can pay Mom back, by surprising her with some of these new beauty products from Avon.

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