No More T-Bone Steaks at Waffle House

It appears the T Bone steaks will not be around much longer at all Waffle House locations. They plan to serve them until September of 2012 and then take them off of the Waffle House Menus for good. I love the Waffle House Menu. It is perfect just like it is now. I am not sure why they want to take these awesome steaks off of their menus. The T-Bone steak is the top steak you can get. Since you cook it with the bone, it tastes a little better than the New York Strip steaks or the filet mignon steaks. The bone in a t bone, gives it the extra flavor and makes it the best part of the cow.

Do you ever eat steaks at the Waffle House? Are you surprised to hear about the t-bones leaving the Waffle House menu? The steak and eggs is an awesome combination. I like a lot of the other foods they have at the Waffle House, but I think the T Bone Steak with scrambled eggs, hashbrowns, and toast is a top, quality meal. It does cost 10 bucks to get this, but most steak house restaurants will charge you 15 or 20 dollars for their steaks with the bone in them. Waffle House has the best deal on t-bones, but only until September of 2012. Right now, they are having the Farewell Tour for their T-bone steaks.

12 thoughts on “No More T-Bone Steaks at Waffle House

  1. Chris Davis

    We just found out! Waffle House in Diamondhead, Mississippi. But, they have a flyer on the table saying they now serve “Springer Mountain Farm Chicken”, which we the first chicken producer in the country to get the American humane association seal. Better than organic!

  2. Hugh Murray

    I have been eating waffle house t bone steaks from the beginning. I for one vote to keep it on the nenu.

    1. joe brister

      I totally agree.My wife & I met @ WH 22yrs. ago after many wonderful tbone dinners. I could not continue to favor WH without a tbone as my choice.Please reconsider!!!!



  4. George Curry

    9My wife and Have stopped at the Brice RD, in Columbus, Ohio every Wednesday to have a steak.

    I surely hope you will reconsider your decision to cease having them available
    Thank you

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  6. larry smith

    I can not believe they are taking the TBone off the menu,it is the best thing on the menu. I am a regular at waffle house and I eat them all the time guess I will have to find another place to get them. How sad I will miss them.

  7. Richard

    I love eating at waffle house.Why would you want to take the T-bone steak off the menu is baffling.I don’t live where there is a waffle house,but i drive for a living,and i go to where i can find one.I always order a T-bone steak when i come to eat there.If you raise your price on the menu that would be no problem.My dog Lemme also loves the bone that i give him after i am done.This would be a wrong way to go.Thanks

  8. mike

    I’m ecstatic that the tbone is gone. I had it once and it was a dry,grisly piece of “meat”. I will frequent WH more now than ever! Good riddance. :)


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