Omega Procedure Honored by the International Headache Society

You are probably wondering what the Omega Procedure is right about now? Or perhaps you’re just surprised to see that a International Headache Society really exists. Either way, this is a bit of good news for those of you (like me) who suffer from these terrible headaches. Omega is a Migraine procedure that has showed some positive signs, for those migraine sufferers who need some extra help. I am excited to try anything new, if it will offer me some relief from these awful headaches I sometimes get.

When I was younger, I got a headache just about everyday. It was common for me to come home from school and have a headache. Obviously most of my headaches were not migraines, but they still were aggravating as a youth. I wanted to play sports or with my friends after school and not take care of a headache. Luckily as I got older, I saw less of my regular headaches, but more of the really bad headaches. The ones where you need total darkness and a cool, wet cloth over your forehead.

I’m glad to hear about this Omega Procedure and the fact, it got honored by a global headache group. It must be working, for the International Headache Society to recognize them. I really do feel sorry for those headache sufferers who have to change their daily lifestyles, because of their headaches. If this sounds like you, be sure to learn more about this new headache procedure and see if there is any relief for you with it.

Right now, the most common headaches I get, is when I don’t eat nothing. Sometimes I just forget to eat and will get a headache in the evening or night hours. As soon as I feel it coming on, I will think back to the last thing I ate. In most cases, it will be nothing and I have the headache, because I had no food or very little for the day. I love my soft drinks too and this presents its own problems. My body is use to having caffeine, so if I don’t get much caffeine in my system, I will get a headache this way too. Some of the migraine pills and medicine you get at the drug store, will contain caffeine in them. Usually in 1 or 2 hours, I can cure a headache which is caused by a lack of caffeine. Do you have these headaches from not eating food or drinking things with no caffeine in them? If so, please be sure to reply back and let me know some of the triggers, which cause you or someone you know headaches. Also, please be sure to give me any extra feedback on this Omega Procedure too.

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    My wife has just gone through the Omega Procedure. We had to raise the money through friends, so I set up a crowdfunding page. We raised our funds and I was METICULOUS about writing up the experience and documenting it with video and pictures. You can read about EVERY step of the way here:

    If that URL didn’t go through, replace the ###s with periods and the %%% with a forward slash /: www ### gofundme ### com %%% migrainessuck

    Or Google “gofundme migrainessuck”

    It has changed our lives for the better. Big time.

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