The Lean Belly Prescription by TV Doctor Travis Stork

Popular TV Doctor Travis Stork has just completed his 2nd book. It comes on the heels of the first  book he wrote and published called The Doctor Is In. His latest creation deals with weight loss and goes by the title The Lean Belly Prescription. In this new book, Dr. Stork hopes to show over weight people, a few steps on how to eat better and making small lifestyle changes. He hopes to prove how just a few small changes, can lead to a big overall change. There is a lot more information about this new book at the Doctors Television Show Blog.

There has been no mention on the Doctors TV Show yet, about Dr. Stork’s new diet book. This title has not yet been officially released yet, but will make its debut on December 7th, 2010. You can be one of the first people to get this Doctors TV Book first, by preordering The Lean Belly Prescription¬†now. Then when the seventh of December gets here, your copy will be one of the first ones out the door. This will allow plenty of time for everyone to get their copy, before Christmas Day arrives, if you do take the time and preorder Dr. Stork’s new book.

6 thoughts on “The Lean Belly Prescription by TV Doctor Travis Stork

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  2. louisa

    i’m from Namibia and do follow the program Doctor on tv and wish to buy dr travis book. and it is now where to find in Namibia (Africa) can someone advise me, Plse

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