Neutrogena Models for TV Ads

Neutrogena models

It’s amazing to see some companies spend big bucks on advertising and not offer anything that catches the eye. This is not the case with Neutrogena and their TV ads work great. Neutrogena has a large stable of beautiful models they use to help them sell their products. Using one of their models to showcase the neutrogena skin id is a recipe for success. Other advertisers on television should take notes when they see some of these Neutrogena commercials. You don’t have to pay close attention to catch their TV ads. They will hit you like a ton of bricks; once you see one of their lovely models promoting one of their products. They have a long line of products to offer consumers and most of these deal with the skin. If you’re promoting beautiful skin, you obviously want to show male and female models with perfect skin. Since most men don’t care about their skin, these Neutrogena TV ads are mostly geared to the female crowds.

I’m not sure how many models are currently working for Neutrogena or how many they have used in the past. I do know they are one of the few companies that grab my attention each time I see their ads on television. It’s more than eye-candy that gets your attention. Their ads bring you to a place that you would like to be, so you focus-in and try to learn how to get there. Getting to these places with perfect skin is just the cherry on top, but it’s the cherry that Neutrogena has built it’s success on. I know it’s not cheap to buy TV ads, but some companies still pay the big bucks and forget to put money in the actual advertisements. Landing a television commercial is only half of the battle and companies like Neutrogena know how to win the other half of the battle.

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Driving Cross Country in an RV

My family has never owned a RV or a camper on wheels before. I would love to have a RV or just a big luxury bus and drive it across the country. Start some where along the Eastern Coast of the U.S. and end the trip some where on the Western Coast of the United States. You don’t get to see America as much in an airplane that takes you clear across the country. You may be able to see a few neat places in America this way. I’m sure the Mississippi River is a nice sight from the friendly skies above, but I would prefer to see all of the small towns in America.

I know it would cost more to travel this way, but that would be fine with me. My cross country trip wouldn’t be about going to a vacation destination, because the trip would be my vacation. I’m not even sure how long it would take to drive across the country, but I would imagine it would be at least a week and probably longer if you made several stops along the way. I would be on a tight schedule, so couldn’t afford any long term break downs. I would probably jot down the phone number to a good and reliable rv towing service to prevent any extended stays. I’m not sure which states I would choose to go through, but since I live in the Southern USA; I would probably stick with the southern states. I would like to drive some on the infamous Route 66 and I think this road can be found in Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California. I would probably try to find Route 66 in Oklahoma and just follow it’s path to the West Coast. I guess I better start saving now, so I can make this dream come true one day.

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Communicating Online for Small Businesses

A lot of small businesses don’t have all the luxuries like the bigger companies do. Fortunately, the technology we have today helps to even out the odds a bit. Communication is one of the most important things I can think of, when it comes to a functioning business. You must be able to talk to your suppliers, employees, and customers. Or your customers should have an easy avenue for getting in touch with your small business. Once you set up all the links between you and the customer, you will want to stay in contact with your managers and employees as much as possible. Some high ranking bosses have taken the tech route and will use online video conferencing tools to conduct business with. This makes it easy for a small business to hold that next company meeting, if you have other high ranking employees at home, out of the state, or in a foreign country.

Everyone can stay connected and this is possible 24 hours a day. No matter the time, the Internet is always open. I have been an observer in an online meeting before. It was one with a streaming video conferencing feed; which anyone on the Net could attend. Sometimes you will need to get a code, to sit-in on a stock conference, where a business will report their numbers to the investors, media, and other employees of the company. Video conferencing is not a futuristic idea, but it is one that is taking place today. Any small business looking for an affordable way to communicate, will soon learn the advantages of having a picture (live image) and a voice to communicate with both ways.

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Computers Find Everything Online

My computer is probably the most important thing I own these days. I would have never thought my car or the TV set would play 2nd fiddle to anything, but I believe they both do. I enjoy having a television, a computer, and a car to drive. If someone came to me and said I could only keep one, I might just have to pick the computer. I know I spend more time on the computer than I do for anything else. I like having the World at my fingertips, where I can go look up a industrial computer online and read up on it. So many other things a computer can do; that you could never get from your television. I do enjoy watching sports on TV, but sometimes I pass on them; when I have something better to do online. I have to stay home and work a lot now, so being without a car wouldn’t be too bad for me. I would have those certain days, where I would want to go somewhere. It would be difficult then, but overall, I simply need my computer, so I can earn money online. If it wasn’t for that, I might choose to keep the TV or car. But as long as I am making money, I will continue to call my desktop computer, my number 1!

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Atlanta Braves Rated R; Not For Kids

I’m not sure what ballplayers think they are doing these days, when they swing their bats and then yell out a big cuss word. Not only can most fans in the stadium here these words, but you hear them clearly on television too. The Atlanta Braves are the main culprits and the teams they play rarely do it. It seems to be a Braves – Only problem and one that the coaches are not willing to fix.

It’s bad to see these grown men at the plate yelling out these cuss words. I guess in their immature minds, they feel the players, coaches, and fans will think they are a “big time competitor” if they yell a cuss word out, when they mis-strike the baseball. Now when these million dollar athletes swing at a low or high ball or just one out of the strike zone, you don’t really see them yell then. Seems a bad swing is embarrassing enough. What they do, is wait for them to hit a pop fly to the outfield and then will throw down the bat in anger and scream out a cuss word. Two minutes later, the player is talking, relaxed, or totally has a different look on their face. This is not the type of baseball we want in Atlanta and the Braves for the time being, are just not a team for the kids to watch.

If you’re a parent of a kid in the Atlanta, Georgia area, I would strongly encourage you to limit their views of Atlanta Braves baseball. No kids should be hearing language like this and the poor attitudes they exhibit on the field. We did not see these guys yelling like this a few years back. This is something that has only came up in the recent years. Coach Freddy Gonzalez is not punishing these guys for their poor sportsmanship they are showing on the field and the cuss words that are being heard at Turner Field and the kids watching the Braves on television. When you see and hear this on TV, you know how much louder it must sound at the games. Don’t let your kids see this type of athletes. This current group of Atlanta Braves has shown what type of team they really are last year. To see this group blow such a big lead and then for them to blame a few things like relief pitching and over-using the pitchers from the bull-pen.

Now we get to see our 4th and 5th best relief pitchers more times during the season, than the top 1 or 2 guys in the bull-pen. The Braves are worse this year, than the team that was on the field after the All Star Break last year. It’s even funny to think about Joe Simpson and his recent gripe with the team. He really feels the Braves gave away the Nationals Series, when the two teams split 2 games a piece recently. Even though the Braves had to stage a 9 run comeback one night and only put up 2 runs in another win. If you can’t score in baseball, you aren’t going to win many games. If you can’t hit in clutch situations, then you’re not going to be playing in the post-season. The Atlanta Braves will not play in a post-season or win a post-season game, until they get guys in that can clutch hit.

Dan Uggla can’t even hit the ball and he’s proved this 2 years in a row. Yet, the guy has hit clean-up for the better-part of the season. This makes no sense. Neither does these poor sports, who continue to throw down bats and yell out cuss words and without anybody from the Braves Organization trying to control it.

Also, relief pitcher Kris Medlen seems to be more interesting in throwing open a door, than the actual games these days. Him pushing a door open, each time a relief pitcher is warming up in the bull-pen is another example of where this team’s mind is really at these days. He gave up some big hits and homers in recent weeks too. It doesn’t seem to bother him any. As long as he can push the door open, when the camera shows a Braves relief pitcher, then he is fine blowing leads and giving up those big hits late in the game. You would have thought someone from the Braves Team would have stopped this type of immaturity after the first night, but its now a nightly thing in the ATL.

Folks living in Atlanta, this is your team. Keep your kids at home and away from the TV sets and someone will get these professional athletes on the right track. No one should have to watch a pro baseball game and have to hear awful language and displays of poor sportsmanship. And please don’t tell me about these guys wanting to win so bad, that they sometimes make mistakes like this. This cussing-action from the team has went from 1 to 2 players doing it, to the whole team throwing down bats and blurting out terrible words for all the kids in the stadium and at home to hear. Not once has the team, the coaches, the TV announcers, or anyone from the Braves Organization offer up an apology or an explanation for their foul-mouths on the field. The Atlanta Braves are Rated R and don’t belong in front of young kids or adult fans, who don’t care to hear those nasty words.


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China Discovers Full Skeleton of a Dinosaur

It has been a few million years since any large animals like a dinosaur has walked around on our planet Earth. However, we have tons of proof to know they were once here, due to the bones we find and all of the rich fossil fuels that remain buried in the Earth’s ground. These fossil fuels has played an important role in our energy needs over the last few centuries. As we continue to use up these rich fossil fuel sources, we strive to make better advancements in the way we use and find energy in the 21st century.

This new dicovery in China is certainly something the archaelogists all over the World will want to look at, study, and give a full examination on in the coming weeks, months, and years. I don’t know if I have ever heard about a dinosaur being found and its whole skeleton was present. I try to imagine this dinosaur’s life way back then. What the animal ate or just did for fun. What is a fun activity for a dinosaur? I wonder if they would play wrestle, like we see two dogs out in the yard doing. Seeing two dinosaurs play wrestling or fighting for real, would certainly have been a sight to see.

Man was around when the dinosaurs walked the Earth. Imagine that some of us (man) has actually had the chance to witness these animals up close and personal. I’m sure many cavemen met their death, due to coming in contact with a huge dinosaur. Perhaps the new dinosaur they found in China recently had a few snacks on man, during his or her lifetime.

Do we really know what caused the dinosaurs to go extinct, all those millions of years ago? I know the popular theory is that a meteor fell from the sky and caused a big dust cloud to blanket the Earth and caused a ice age on the Earth. These huge animals could no longer get the food they needed to survive and eventually they all just died out. Perhaps cavemen died out with the dinosaurs too? Maybe man has already been extinct at one time before and our current life is our 2nd chance at living life on Planet Earth. At the end of the day, we probably don’t know half of the stuff we think we do and there is no telling what took place on Mother Earth, before we started our civilization here. Maybe the new dinosaur skeleton found in China recently, will help to answer some of these questions or at least fill-in a few gaps.

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Printing in style with HP

With the growing access of high speed internet connections many households are finding that they have more than two computers. The last time I checked we had three PC’s and two laptops which is actually quite amazing when I think about it. This is great for our kids so that there is not fighting over who can get on the computer to instant message their friends, visit youtube, or check their email. What it has caused is that we only have on printer that is connected to our main PC in one room. All of our computers are wireless connected through a Netgear Wireless N router so one would think that setting a connected printer through one PC could be simple. Not so! So I started to do some research and found some of the wireless printers were on online at various online retailers.

laserjet_1022nwYou can choose from the HP Laserjet 1022NW which offers wireless printing along with scanning,8 PPM and connectivity features. What was especially appealing about this printer is that uses a higher yield Laserjet cartridge so that you downtime between replacements is greater and your productivity goes up. It can be used for homes with simple bluetooth connectivity or run on the largest networks.  This can be a huge cost savings especially in a shared environment. Just by following the installation disk that comes with the printer you can easily set it up on multiple computers with just a few clicks and there is no need to have any networking knowledge. With this new technology it will solve our issues so that my kids and my wife will be able to print from anywhere in the house and this will create peace among the kids.

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Camping in comfort

After I have a sleeping bags and some lights I can depend on, the rest is pretty much up to me. Food is a big concern for most campers. You can’t rely on your abilities to catch or trap food, so a good supply of food and drinks would need to be present in my cooler. I don’t want to spend my time thirsty on a camping trip, so a big supply of cokes would be present in my cooler. The ice I would start with on my camping trip, probably wouldn’t be there 24 hours later. Learning how to keep drinks cool from the summer time heat or packing ice that would stay frozen more than 24 hours is a hurdle I face every camping trip. I feel it’s kinda cheating, if you run out to a store on your camping trip. A real trip to the woods, does not allow for campers to make extra trips out. Bring everything you need with you, so you can remain camping for the total time.
Most public campsites offer a grill. If you choose to camp in the wilderness away from other campers, you may have to take a grill with you. I would want a grill on hand, to cook up fresh caught fish and to have other warm meals on my time in the great outdoors. Making a quick trip out to a fast food restaurant is not acceptable. I know a few hamburgers or tacos would taste good, but you have to save those cravings for when you exit the woods. All camping supplies and food must come with campers on their initial journeys in, so no other trips out have to be made.
It’s not really camping, if you run to the store or Taco Bell each time you need something.

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Amazon Gift Cards and Amazon Toy Bargains Online

Radio Control Truck @

What child would not want to wake up on Christmas morning and see this nice monster truck under the Christmas tree? This is the most popular big truck of them all. They call this the Bigfoot Truck and for years it has been the main attraction at all the monster truck show r alleys. I wish I had this truck and I am almost 40 years old! It is a remote controlled truck or a radio control toy; which allows the youngsters to stir this around the whole house. It even works great, when the controller is in a different room from the Big Foot Truck you see in the picture above. While most stores would be happy to sell you this nice toy for around $100, you can find it online for about half the cost as stores sell it for. Some folks might get lucky and find a toy sale going on and get this radio controlled truck for $79.99. Save your gas and just shop online and get it for 30 bucks cheaper on the Net. This is just one of the many great bargain toys, you can find online at Amazon this holiday season.

Amazon Gift Cards

For those of you having trouble finding the right gift, cash is always a great choice! The Amazon Gift Cards allow anyone to come online and do their shopping day or night. Its a good feeling, when I can shop online at Amazon at 2 or 3 a.m. or in the wee hours of the night, when most stores and malls are closed. An Amazon Gift Card comes in a wide variety of different nominations. If you want to send $10 or $500, you can do this with the Amazon Cards this holiday season. Send your kids, relatives, and co-workers the gift of Amazon Cash, so they can go online and buy something they will really like. It is never a bad idea to give money as a gift. Allowing the person to pick their own holiday gifts is the best way to do things in the 21st century. Don’t waste shopping items, which will never get used or even opened out of their packaging. Go with an Amazon gift card, so your friends and loved-ones, can pick out the things they need most or will at least use on a regular basis. The Amazon Store has everything in stock and anyone from around the World can go shopping day or night. It’s fun to shop 24/7 online and it’s really fun, when you get to spend someone else’s money!

So as you can see, Amazon is a great place for the adults and the kids of all ages. Just a super supply of toys for boys and girls. The easy-to-buy gift cards for Amazon is nice too!

Amazon Toys for Under $10

Einstein Press & Play Toy Bear

Deluxe Box of Puzzles from Melissa and Doug

Brainy Monkey Squeaker Plush Dog Toy

Glowbys LED Fiber Optic Light Up Hair Barrette

Take Along Tunes from Baby Einstein

12 Pack of Inflatable Rock Guitars

Glee Christmas Album – Favorite Holiday Tunes from the Glee TV Show!

Mr. Potato Head for New York Yankees MLB Team Collection

New Ray KFX 450 Green Four Wheeler – Toy 4 Wheeler

Wes Walker Action Figure – New England Patriots McFarlane Figurine Football Player

These are just a small sample of the online toy bargains you can find at Amazon Toys. The selection for toys under 10 dollars is enormous. You could easily make a 1,000 item shopping list, with just the 10 dollar toys and under. For toys 20 and 30 dollars in price, there is also a lot to choose from. Don’t forget the latest video games either; when you shop for the teenager children. You might not have heard yet, but there is a New XBox Console out for the video game players. It is just under $300 at Amazon and this is a great gift for anyone who loves video games.

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Work Today for Money Tomorrow

I believe if I could go back and do things over, I would have stayed in school longer and got a better education. Not having a good education in the 21st century is just asking for trouble and in some ways it’s became a poison for me. I really can’t change my past and what’s done is done. I can only change my future and to do that effectively, I must do things now, so I can be prepared for the financial costs of tomorrow.

Trying to make money online can be challenging. To off-set the education I missed out on and the potential money I could  be earning today with a good education, I try to make up for it online. Most online programs that will pay you money; are actually just paying you to build up their member counts. This is true for about 99% of the programs online today that Internet Users sign up for, in the hopes they can be earning a sizable income online. The online programs that offer merchandise or vitamins for sale online is not the ones you want to be associated with. These programs are very difficult to promote and it’s hard to find roads; which lead to successful small business advertising for these types of programs. Pushing crappy products online is NOT the way you want to earn money in 2010.

In most cases, the people that promote these vitamins, berry juices, and other assorted products don’t have a need for these items. Chances are the people they meet online and try to get them to buy some of these products have no need for them either. It turns out we have a lot of online marketers that are all pushing horrible products and the only money they’re making, is from others that join and hope to make money too. The bottom line, if you really and truly need something, you just go to Wal Mart and buy it. Don’t fall into these programs that mask unsalable products to a consumer base that is only buying them, in the hopes they will get rich while doing it.

I have decided to take a different approach and only join programs that cut right to the chase. If you can’t tell me how to make money in the first paragraph of your proposal or make me sit through videos that show me all the ways to spend my money, but never telling me how to make it; then I will pass on your online idea for making money. I’m tired of pushing bad products on to people that don’t need them. I’m fed up with these online programs that create promotional pages that are a mile long and still offer very little information on what it is they actually want you to do. No matter what angle, direction, or road they start down, it always ends up with you bringing in new members and building up a downline to earn your money.

If you’re sick and tired of these online programs too; perhaps you can find programs online that will leave out the bull and provide you with good and direct information. Take away the vitamins and other merchandise and let’s just work with the numbers. If building a downline and bringing in new members is really the only way to make good money online; then let’s just focus on the referrals and cash we will be making.

Do a Google search for honest matrix and just join a matrix that leaves out the products and only works by the numbers. Each matrix will offer tools and things in the back office you can use to further your Internet marketing skills or provide you with more knowledge on making money online. A matrix has to offer these tools to make them legal, but you don’t have to use them. They come free with your membership fees you pay to join the matrix. A good online matrix can make you a lot of money and in a short amount of time. All you have to do is build up a downline and once you get that snowball rolling down hill, your earnings can add up real fast. If you can find just 1 active person in your downline, they can help you fill out your matrix levels real easy. This allows you more time to spend and promote other online programs that you can earn money from too.

Before you start throwing your money at any old matrix, try to search for popular ones or ones that have a good reputation for paying their members. I have found an honest matrix that has paid me a couple of times already and I am making good money with it. You just pay a one-time cost of $11 for this matrix and after you get 2 levels full (2 X 4 or 6 people), you will get your first payment via Alert Pay. The 2nd time you cycle through, you gain entry into 2 matrix levels then. Another bronze matrix for a future cash payment and a silver matrix that will pay out more than the bronze matrix levels do. The great part about this matrix is that you do get members in your downline from spillovers and spillunders. This helps to speed up the process with getting your matrix filled. I have several folks in my current downline that are active, so it’s like we are a team now and we help each other to get new referrals for our matrix.

Once you pay your 11 bucks, you’re a member for life. Even if you join and don’t like it and you make the decision to not promote it anymore. Your matrix stays active and your upline may start filling up spots and you not even know it. You will learn about it later; when that first $30 payment shows up in your Alert Pay account. After that first payment gets paid, is usually when people start to get excited about it and will start promoting it much more then. You can help yourself out, if you will promote it and build up an active downline and this will come in handy as you advance into the higher payout levels with this specific matrix.

In order for us to have money tomorrow or in the future, we must put in the work now. You can sign up and start promoting today! An active and honest matrix will create more buzz on the Net and these are the ones that usually cycle through quicker. So if you do decide to join a good matrix online today, keep 2 things in mind. Try to find a popular matrix and an honest matrix and these two ingredients will work well for earning real money online. No need to push any products or worthless merchandise on anyone. A matrix cuts straight to the chase and anyone can join a matrix and earn money from it. It’s easy to understand and easy to see how each person makes money and why it’s worth promoting it online. If you decide to pass on this money making opportunity, just go ahead and save this blog post to your favorites. Try to finish the road you have started down with the current things you’re promoting online and when that fails; you can always come back here and get a fresh, new start on a way to really make money online.

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