New Craving with Maple Syrup

From time to time, I go through some unusual food cravings. Normally I like to eat a certain food item, I only like to eat it once a week or even less than that, so I don’t get sick of it. It is easy for me to like something one day and not the next day. I try my best to hold off on the foods I like to eat the most.

Recently I have developed a craving for waffles. Nothing special, just the Eggo Waffles you buy in the freezer section at your local supermarkets. I know my diet is poor, but I do try to eat healthy things ever now and then. I know my daily diet is lacking those natural grains or the nutrition you could get from a piece of whole grain or wheat bread. The Eggo company has a whole grain waffle now and it isn’t that bad. I prefer the original waffle better, but since you’re getting some good nutrition with these whole grain waffles, I started buying them.

New Whole Grain Eggo Waffles

Normally I will take two of the Eggo nutri-grain waffles out and put them in toaster. Our toaster doesn’t work that well. It seems one side cooks faster than the other side. So to cook them evenly, I have to flip them over and push them back down to cook a few minutes longer. When they come out hot, I like to take butter and smear over them. I realize the butter isn’t that healthy and something I could do without, but it does make them taste so much better. After the butter is applied to my 2 nutri grain waffles, I will stack them on top of each other. I will take my plain maple syrup and cover the entire grid of the waffle pattern with syrup. After I have each little square filled in with syrup, I like to flip it over, so the syrup will drain into the bottom waffle. It’s almost like a sandwich, but instead of loaf bread, I use my waffles for the bread. For the deli meat substitution, I will just use the maple syrup I poured on earlier. After all of these steps are complete, I just grab a fork and dig in. This has been my breakfast, lunch, and dinner for awhile now. I have been meeting my daily requirements of these whole natural grains, from eating these new Eggo Waffles.

If you haven’t tried them yet, go ahead and pick up a box the next time you are at the grocery store. These new whole grain waffles are pretty good to eat. On a scale from 1 to 10, I would give them a 6 or 7 in the taste category, with the original Eggo Waffles getting a 8 mark. So they are a little less on the tasty department, but for what they lack in taste, they make up for in nutrition. And let’s face it gang, the nutrition scale is the one we need to focus on more and we can treat our taste buds on special weekends. The meals we eat Monday through Friday, must be healthier than the foods we have been eating. The United States of America is number one in the World; when it comes to obesity. So try to find some more grains to eat through the week and if you do good through the week, treat your self to a tasty meal on the weekends.

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Control Your Thanksgiving Dinner

Does anyone want to really control how much they eat on Thanksgiving Day? Isn’t this the day we can all go off our diets and just be pigs for one day? I don’t think anyone should hold back on Thanksgiving dinners, but I know some people have to. For those that have health conditions or had trouble losing weight in the past, may want to control what they eat this Thanksgiving Day. A good appetite suppressant should allow you to just make one trip to the kitchen table this year; instead of the extra trips most of us will be taking. I do understand that health can play a big part, on why some people don’t eat like pigs on Turkey Day. For those that are just on casual diets; then go ahead and take the day off. We don’t always have to be in control and Thanksgiving is a good day to lose control (if you ask me). I go by the motto “you only live once“, so that is why I am bullish on Thanksgiving Day. I do pay for it later that night and the next few days, but it sure is good when you’re eating all those great dishes on the table. Enjoy your Thursday and be sure to spend it with the family. Happy Thanksgiving to all!

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Technology Creating Very Nice Watches

Men and women are both real lucky to be living in this time period, where technology continues to soar. You can look at the Luminox navy seal watches online and see how technology is taking care of this sector of the marketplace. I found a lot of these watches I would like to buy right now. It would be hard to pick only one Navy Seal Watch (in my opinion), since there is so many great ones to choose from.

I can still remember in my school days; when they came out with watches that were waterproof. Most of my friends bought a watch, which could withstand a depth of 50 meters. Basically meaning, you could go swimming with the watch on your wrist and it would still work correctly. Unless you went under 150 feet of water or more. Knowing how proud everyone was, with their 50 meter water proof watches, I knew I would have to get one too. When I went out shopping, I was able to find a 200 meter waterproof watch. I knew right then and there, I would have to buy it. It did cost a few more dollars, but it was well worth it. Not sure at the time, I knew it would work in water 600 feet deep. I just knew it was four times stronger; than the watches everyone else had at my school. The stop watch feature, on these older digital watches, were also a nice touch. Can you remember your first digital watch?

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Cost per click and branding

branding blogsI was reading an article today that was discussing a new model for advertising called the Cost Per Action. A branding agency I can’t recommend enough with such a wealth of experience, London is lucky to have agencies as high quality as this.What this means is that advertisers would not pay on a Cost Per Click (CPC) basis as is the norm today, but rather pay services such as Google and Yahoo, only on clicks to their sites that actually result in a lead or sale. The one main glitch here is that those Advertisers will have to disclose some of the sales info to verify the sign up or sale. There are some companies that have used cms website design very effectively to drive search engine traffic for their specific niche in order to improver their advertising revenue. We have used the Adsense model for a year now, and the CPC, while it does work, does have room for Click fraud, which appears to be growing. With CPA, you actually are paying for customers requesting more information or an actual sale.

I found it interesting that in this article, they seemed to think this was a new way of doing business, which is not the case.We offer some CPA advertisers on some of our sites. There are several vendors that we deal with and the payouts for some CPA offers are as high as $50. That sure beats the .50 to $1 you may receive via ads that run on your sites. We believe there will be a great synergy between the two forms of advertising, and have found that they can co-exist on the same site..We look to follow this closely, as to help monetize the traffic that we are currently seeing on our main web pages.

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Non Stop Facial Battles

Other than our hair and teeth, it’s the facial features that concern us the most. We know this is true with older people. They use all sorts of wrinkle creams and facial surgeries to keep their faces looking younger. The youth doesn’t have it easy either. It’s a non stop battle for them too. They will buy and apply a  blackhead treatment product or other products that prevent or remove facial blemishes. All ages of women will spend a great deal of time putting on and taking off make up. The hours and hours each year they spend putting on eye liner or lipstick on their faces; tells me that the facial features would be 3rd on the list. I believe everyone would agree (men and women) that our hair is the number 1 part on the body that we concern ourselves the most with. Our teeth (just guessing) would probably be 2nd and then the face would round out the top 3 body part concerns, we all have. All 3 of these things are located above the neck, so the way we can talk face to face to someone is more important than anything else; we could do below the neck.

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More Schools Playing Table Tennis

All the modern advances and equipment available to school kids these days, some schools still go back to the basics. The ping pong tables are one of those items that is cheap for schools to buy and really great exercise believe it or not. Most might not think of table tennis as that much exercise, but just trying playing it sometime. Especially if you have a big room your table is located in and all the energy you will spend just running down that little white ball. I never really was that good at ping pong in high school, so I was one of those people that would have to run down that ball. Even if you have two players that can keep the ball on the table well, you wouldn’t imagine the workout your arms and legs get, trying to stay in position to make that next swat across the net. I may not play it that well, but I never pass up an opportunity; when I see someone that has a ping pong table inside their basement or garage. Do you ever play ping pong or table tennis?

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The Golf Club of Georgia Scam

People running the Golf Club of Georgia are not honoring their contracts for membership. When someone signs up for a membership with this golf club, they will refund money, under certain circumstances. If a member dies, this is one of the things they will refund to the members of the living family.

Recently a member of the Golf Club of Georgia had a massive heart attack and died in 2008. Since that time, his widow has been unable to retrieve a large sum of money, which the Golf Club of Georgia is now holding hostage. The widow is owed around 57,000 dollars and this is money that doesn’t belong to the Golf Club any longer. They are holding money, from someone who can’t use their services, since he is dead and has been for the last 3 years. Now is the time for the Golf Club of Georgia to make things right and give this poor widow her 57,000 dollars back.

I would like existing members of the Golf Club of Georgia to look at their memberships right now. If you think there is a clause in there that will give your fees back to your family, in case of an emergency, then you’re wrong. The Golf Club of Georgia is not recognizing this clause in their own contract and are breaking their own rules.

If you came online today, looking for membership information for the Golf Club of Georgia, we urge that you find another golf club to seek membership with. These people are not willing to follow their own rules. The contract they make new members sign, will not be honored by them down the road, so you should avoid this future disaster now and don’t join up with the Golf Club of Georgia. This is not a place that cares about their members and even in death, they are looking to make a buck. This is not the type of place a person wants to be connected to in life.

Most of us like a little round of golf after work through the weekdays or for a weekend tee time. We like to go somewhere that is nice and where we will be treated with respect. The golf club operating in the state of Georgia right now, is not the place you want to spend your free time. The Golf Club of Georgia is currently looking for ways, where they can make a profit, off a member’s membership, when they haven’t played a round of golf in 3 years; due to their untimely death. This former member of the Golf Club of Georgia is having major trouble getting her money back from her husband’s membership fees; which the contract states is hers, under these special conditions.

Please don’t join this golf club today. Georgia has many good places to play a round of golf and you can avoid any shady contract deals or membership issues the Golf Club of Georgia is currently having to deal with. The owners of the Golf Club of Georgia, would rather see you in court, trying to steal your money, than to see their members out on the greens smiling and having a good time. Go find another golf club to join and accept my warning as a sign of faith. Be glad you found this blog post, before you did sign up and paid your membership dues.

If you are online now, looking for new member benefits and golf rates to the Golf Club of Georgia; then please forget about this golf club. The folks in charge here are not offering their members a good time, but a lifetime of trouble. Many of the current members will have to deal with these issues in the future. Hopefully existing members will be doing what they can, to remove their self and their name from the Golf Club of Georgia.

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Swicki Online

Swicki this

Has anyone seen this new search/blog site. It is called Swicki and incorporates Adsense and some other publishers into your blogs.Check them out here

Swicki is a newer search engine that basis it’s results on the patterns of keywords that are associated with a particular site. It is a great way to share thoughts and interest and capture keyword searched by creating your own Swicki.It is up to you and your community of readers to define the search criteria. You can even have it create your own buzz word cloud which are powerful tools in the search engine world to help you gain more traffic.

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Your Tv on the web

In the domain world, the dot tv could be the next big thing. Media companies are betting that new, slick made for web tv shows are the next big thing. Many shows are now allowig you to see re-runs on their web, after the show has aired. This may help attract a different audience, and keep them engaged in the show longer. This could be attractive to advertisers as they now be able to run banner ads along side the show, and not interrupt the actual show. There are a ton of possibilities. So why not search the web for your favorite .tv name and who knows you may find gold. Successful companies will learn how to capitalize on this new opportunity.

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Gray Hairs or No Hairs?

For us men, getting older is not that much fun. We do seem to age more gracefully than women, but we still have our own aging issues to work out. I believe the hair is what can make or break a man’s confidence in life. Not sure if getting gray hair is better than losing your hair, but at least the bald-look is in style these days. For those gray hairs, we do have coloring products to help and not make them look so obvious. I’m not sure what the best hair loss product currently is, but you can sure bet I will find out, before I ever begin losing any hairs. I usually keep my haircuts on the short side, so I wouldn’t look right, if I ever started to get thinning hair. I believe the hairs on top of my head will be good until I am 50; which gives me about a dozen more years of freedom.

Lately I have gotten a little lazy with the shaver. In recent months, I have noticed the gray hairs in my beard, if I don’t shave in a timely fashion each week. I don’t have to shave daily, to keep the gray hairs away. If I don’t want anyone to notice these new gray hairs, it would be wise for me to start shaving twice a week. Right now, I shave about once a week. It’s just not fun to shave. I have heard other men say this numerous times. None of us like to shave, but its just a part of being a man. I don’t know if my head will become gray or bald first, but I do know I will have to face one of these problems at some point. Hopefully before my looks go too far down the drain. I will be able to trick a pretty young lady out there, into marrying me. At least this way, I will have at least one person who doesn’t care about my gray or bald head!

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