Controlling your sleep

sleepDoes anybody have to have a little help in going to sleep at nights? I have been taking something to help me sleep every night for the past few years. So saying that I’m addicted to nightime sleep-aids would be an under statement. I do from time to time try to sleep without the help of anything, but I have really bad dreams and I only stay asleep for like an hour when I do it that way. If there are any doctors reading this, I would like to know if that is a common thing? Do people often only sleep for an hour and have really bad dreams when they don’t take a night time sleep aid, our bodies are use to having?

I usually take something like a Tylenol PM or Benadryl to help me sleep. I’m not really taking the name brand of those products, but the generic brands that Kroger offers for the name brands. i have heard that the new Sealy mattresses are really comfortable and have a good reputation for being good for your back and overall sleep comfortThey do help me to sleep and I usually will doze off about 90 minutes after taking a couple of night-time sleep pills. If I don’t take anything, then there is a good chance I will see the sunrise in the morning. I hate that feeling when I see the sun come up and I still haven’t gone to sleep for the night. I am a night person and I have had several night time jobs, but I’m ok if I can just get my peepers closed by daylight. It makes me feel better knowing that I went to sleep while it was still dark and then waking up close to noon. If I stay up until daylight, then there’s a good chance I want open my peepers until after noon. That is just too late to get your day started and it makes me feel like I have wasted a day when I wake up after noon time.

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Hosting companies

There are a lot of hosting companies out there with all sorts of great deals. Free hosting, $1.99 hosting. I always believe you get what you pay for. It just so happens we are looking around for a new hosting provider, due to some technical challenges with one of our sites. We looked at and they had some great info to help us find the right hosting account for us.

Here is how they do it:

RealMetrics sets up real accounts with each host and then frequently tests the performance of these accounts to publish reliability, speed, and customer service responsiveness data.

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Leaving Your Acne Alone

A lot of people like to squeeze or mash the little bumps they get on their face from acne or other facial pimples. It is better to leave the bumps alone on your face. Sometimes it can leave scars or other facial acne marks on the face and you don’t want that. I know it can be difficult sometimes, but try to leave it alone and apply a good acne treatment product to the acne on your face areas. The ingredients in therapores has seemed to work wonders on patients who are suffering from acne. If you could try using a product like this and stop with the mashing and squeezing techniques, you can get rid of this acne much faster. No one wants to have bumps on their face and they sure don’t want any acne scars to develop, during their teen years, from too much poking and picking. If you will just forget about them and try to find a acne product online; which has a good rating, then you can be rid of this acne soon and in a few days, will forget it was ever there.

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Pregnant Women Taking Vitamins

You and your honey finally did it! Now that you’re going to be a mom, it’s time to change your lifestyle. This isn’t too hard for most women, but a responsible mom now, does make for a healthier baby later. Most complications that come from pregnancy can be avoided, if mom can do just a few simple things in her daily routine. Always take your doctor’s advice first and be sure to stay in close contact with them throughout your pregnancy. To help avoid some of these complications, a mom can start taking a prenatal vitamin for her and the baby’s health. A vitamin plan or program is one of the best things you can do now for you and your baby. There is a wealth of information online for a soon-to-be mom. Go research some of this information online and get with your doctor to see if he or she agrees with the choices you’re planning to make over the next 9 months or so. Congratulations and I wish you and your baby a speedy recovery; after the delivery process is over with!

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Braves Finally Beat the Mets

It was a slow start to the baseball season, thanks to the New York Mets baseball team. The Braves finally got things going, after leaving New York. But when the Mets came into town to face the Braves again, it looked like it was going to be a long series again. Luckily the bats got hot early and the Mets star pitcher Santana got knocked out earlier. In fact, it was the shortest game for him, as a starting pitcher, ever!

It was fun watching the Braves play at Turner Field tonight. I hope we get to see more games like this one; than the first 4 games against the Mets. Perhaps the confidence is there now and it will continue, when we finish up this home series with the Mets in a day game tomorrow.

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Why Aren’t We Digging for Gold?

Have you seen the latest gold prices? Last time I looked (which was recently) gold was over $1200 an ounce! That is a lot of money for very little rock. I’m not sure what part in the world you live in, but there is gold in my area. I guess everyone doesn’t have gold in the rivers, streams, and creeks where they live, but if you do live in an area that has gold, now may be the time to start looking for it. An ounce of gold isn’t a lot and this is over one thousand dollars we could have in our pockets. If you could spend 8 hours looking for gold each day and only found a half of ounce in small nuggets, flakes, or gold dust; you would be making about 500 bucks! If you have a job or do something that pays 500 dollars a day, I guess you can keep your hands clean. The people that don’t make 500 dollars a day at their job should be out there getting their hands dirt. I am one of those people and I want to get started in the gold finding process.

Investing in gold coins, jewelry, or anything else that has gold in it is a good idea right now. I haven’t logged in to my E-Gold account lately and wonder how much it is worth right now? E-Gold is like Pay Pal and is another option Internet users can use as a payment processor online. I will have to check on that later.

We haven’t seen the top of the gold mountain yet either. The experts all agree it will go higher over the next 12 months. Some say it will increase about 300 dollars an ounce during the 2010 year and others have it reaching 2000 dollars an ounce by the end of next year. If gold gets to 2000 an ounce, this means we would only need 1/4 of an ounce to get our 500 dollar daily target. Get a buddy or friend to help you look for it and you still make 250 dollars each! I would be happy making 250 dollars a day and I think most people would be. Two people searching for gold and you only need 1/4 of an ounce for you to get 250 dollars?

Now I have been recording all the gold shows on TV. There are two different shows I see on satellite and both come on the Outdoor Channel. If you have a satellite dish or cable; then look for the Outdoor Channel on your TV programming. I set the DVR to record all of these gold shows, so I don’t miss any of them. I really don’t like the way they do these gold shows on television. It is a lot different from the fishing shows you can watch on the tube. The fishing shows allow you to see fishermen catching a nice fish every 2 or 3 minutes. It would be nice if the gold shows on TV would show you these gold prospectors finding gold every 5 minutes or so. Instead they spend a lot of time on telling you where to dig, old gold stories and legends, they give you tips and advice, and they talk about different areas of the country to pan for gold. You don’t get to see them actually looking for gold that much and finding it. They will show you this some, but they mostly waste their air time on other gold related things.

I imagine gold equipment isn’t cheap, if you decided to do it like the professional gold prospectors do it. The big boys use metal detectors and dredges to look for gold in rivers, creeks, and on the land by waterways. The dredge would be nice to have, but it’s not affordable for me right now. I also don’t have any land I could set a dredge up on. A cheap metal detector I might could get, but would have to pass on the really nice ones or the metal detectors you could take under water. A sluice box is something I would need to have and probably more in my price range. I’m not sure what a gold sluice box would cost and will need to see how much they cost. Right now I don’t even have one of those green gold pans you go panning for gold with, so would need to buy that first. It’s hard to say how much I will invest in my gold finding equipment, but I do plan to at least get a pan and go out there to see if I can find any gold. If you have experience in the gold panning area, please give me any tips or advice on what I need to get and what places I should try first. I’m ready to get my hands dirty, my britches wet, and whatever it takes to find some of that 1200 dollar an ounce gold.

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How to Not Get Rich Online

Online Programs to Avoid

Some online programs should always be avoided. I know there are some of these that work, but it isn’t the way you want to earn your money online. There are much better ways than some of these online programs, that have so many people promoting them right now.

If you see a program that has a page and it’s only 1 page, but a mile long. You want to avoid these programs! The long referral page that offers so much information, but yet it really never tells you what to do to earn all of this money. These pages usually have a few nice cars or homes on them. A picture of cash or someone holding a lot of money. The long referral page programs don’t work. You may make a few bucks off of them, because other people made the same mistake as you and joined up behind you. There is no long term money to be made with these programs. They’re hard to promote online and I have found much better ways to earn a buck online.

If you have to read more than 200 words to understand what it is you do or how to earn your money; then chances are it’s not a good program. A program that really works and is honest, usually can sum up everything in 200 words or less. I know some programs will force you to read over 1000 words and you still don’t know what you need to do to earn money or how much you will start off making. These programs that don’t work will freely tell you the amounts you can make up to, but leave out a lot of important steps along the way. If you need to leave your name and email address to get more information, just save yourself some time and don’t bother.

A good program that works will want to tell you everything fast or while they have your attention. They aren’t going to chance losing you, by asking for your name and email address. They will explain the nuts and bolts of the program to you and give you a more realistic earnings projection. Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is 99 percent of the time or more!

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Elderly Folks Shop Too

How often do you rush through the grocery store filling up your buggy, only to see it come to a sudden stop at the checkout counter? I know the long lines at a grocery store or even a convenience store makes none of us happy. No matter what day of the week it is, we will always feel like we are in a hurry. If we are not in a hurry, we certainly don’t want to stay in line and wait to be rung out. Some of the big chain stores has went to a self-checkout process; where customers can ring up their own items and pay a machine for their total. This is a great modern invention, but elderly people can’t use this technology or would have a very hard time understanding it. I think most of them have just caught on to barcode scanners and how they work. I really hope these grocery stores will look after the older people in our society and they don’t push away their long-time customers in many cases. Technology is a great thing and its here to make our lives easier. It doesn’t make things easier on our elderly community and they deserve more personal attention; when they arrive at our checkout lines. Please don’t force them to ring up their carts and give them a real cashier, so they won’t have any stress about shopping for the weekly groceries.

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Lindsay Lohan Going to Jail in 2 Weeks?

Justice isn’t always fair and it can sometimes be anything but just. Take the famous Hollywood actress Lindsay Lohan who has seen her fair share of troubles. It’s obvious someone needs to help this girl and apparently there is no one around to do it. Legendary actor Jack Nicholson had Lindsay Lohan to show up at his home well after midnight one night looking to have a little fun. Instead of Mr. Nicholson trying to offer the troubled teen help, he simply just called the police and let them take care of her. Apparently a lot of people have tried the law and they are not really in the business of helping troubled people out.

Lohan has already been in trouble with the law on many different issues. She was currently on probation due to drinking and driving and using illegal drugs and prescription drugs too. Just your typical partying actress in Hollywood looking to do anything for a good time. The media attention and being put on probation has not been enough punishment for her, because here we are once again talking about Lindsay Lohan and some more trouble she has found her self in.

The judge this time didn’t really cut Lohan any breaks or did he? He decided to take a firm stance and give her 90 days in jail; which most other people who haven’t starred in a few big Hollywood movies would have received much sooner. Lindsay Lohan is going to jail, but just not at the moment. The judge is allowing her time to get her affairs in order. I guess from Lohan’s way of thinking, she has two more weeks to party, before she has to go and receive her little slap on the hand. Some have said that judges in the past have offered this delay jail sentence to others who needed time to get their lives and affairs sorted. Not sure who is saying this, but maybe for famous and rich people this is true, but not for the other 300 million common men, women, and children living in this country.

When someone breaks the law, they are giving away all of their rights to live in our society. The justice system has the opportunity to do things on their terms and the convicted have no more say in the matter. Apparently the laws in this country are written differently for you and I and people like Lindsay Lohan, who has already been escaping punishment over and over. She  has once again skirted the U.S. Judicial System to her liking, by waiting 2 more weeks to face her 90 day jail sentence.

Lindsay Lohan did break down in court and tears fled from her face as she was handed her 90 day punishment in jail. She isn’t the first person to be sobbing over a conviction in a U.S. court in which a judge handed down an unfavorable ruling to the person who was on trial. How many others in this country go straight to jail for lesser crimes or better yet, for lesser times with being in trouble with the police? No one I know gets this kind of favorable treatment in court and Lindsay Lohan has did nothing to deserve this either. She hasn’t been a brain surgeon and saved lives. She hasn’t risked her life or time to help others in our country who need it. She even has neglected her star power to help people who could benefit from her fame. Lindsay Lohan has only acted in Hollywood and has made lots of money for her work. She’s been paid more than enough for her services and contributions to Hollywood.

Lindsay Lohan has been intoxicated on our streets in America while driving. She has not only missed out on saving or helping anyone’s life, but she has put her life at risk with drugs and alcohol; while also putting other honest, hard working Americans life at risk with her actions. She doesn’t deserve any favors from a judge or any court room in America. Yet the judge is going to give her 2 more weeks of freedom; which is probably enough time to get in even more trouble and continue down her abusive path toward her self and society.

If a judge really wanted to give Lohan a break, so she could get her affairs in order, isn’t 24 or 48 hours enough time? After all, if a common citizen living in the United States of America gets convicted of a crime that deserves jail time, they will get 0 seconds for them to prepare for jail or prison. Lohan has made a mockery of the justice system in this country already and her punishment is already well over-due. This is why we have things like probation. During her days under probation, she should have been putting her affairs in order and taking the time to become a law-abiding citizen. She neglected to do this and from her latest troubles with the police, she did not up-hold her end of the probation bargain.

Lindsay Lohan should have been led away in hand cuffs, just like anyone else that would have been in her shoes. Instead the people we have put in positions to help and protect us and even pay them well for their services are not giving us our money’s worth and even putting us in more danger. The streets and America is not safe with Lindsay Lohan as a free person in our society. Yet a judge is giving favors and even rewarding someone who shows no signs of regret, sympathy, or compassion for her actions. Her big screen acting continues in the court rooms in America and so far, everyone is giving her standing ovations and continue to turn their back on this poor, helpless, and very confused young girl. I will be very curious to see how many of those 90 days Lindsay Lohan actually stays behind bars, after her two week vacation is over and she has to go face the music for her criminal actions. Lindsay Lohan is a convicted criminal and has been for more than 3 years now!

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Choosing What is Most Important for You and Your Clients?

How long a person, a group of people, or a company has been around, will determine just how modern the advertising will be or what the clients will want. For those that grew up with no computers and a very limited choice of video games to play, will always want to go back to yesterday and put something a little old or maybe  just a little old fashion; while trying to add modern touches to it here and there. A client like this may be better suited for a classic ad campaign or they may not know all of the modern advances, he could be using right now, to become a more trendy businessman. It can be a thin line to walk, when you go trying to read the clients minds and come up with something classic and modern; which can be tough, if not impossible at times.

I have seen some people with experience online and I believe they would be really good at pushing the modern ad campaigns out the door. This online market for Internet ads, is what I like, but I wasn’t around to see the classical ad tricks for radio or some of the thinking that went behind black and white commercials. It is interesting to look at radio and television advertisements today, since they have all followed a basic and widely accepted method.  The same type of ads we were watching 50 years ago or the ones that were created for radio yesterday. Not many of these folks have tried to think outside the box, but with the Internet, you’re force to.

I have seen some sensational ads online; which television and radio will still be behind, once they do catch up, because the online companies are using all of their resources and technology that is available to them. I have seen another Advertising Agency online recently and they are trying their best to please the client or the customer. There is nothing wrong with that, you must be getting approval, for you stay in business on the computer or anywhere else. They were born with the computer advertising already here. Going back to a time and place, where we didn’t have online advertisements, would not really serve a purpose for them. The days of not knowing which ads worked and which ones didn’t are over. Today there is modern and sophisticated tracking equipment, which allows customers to see what is working for them and what methods aren’t working.  This agency has their own proprietary software, for tracking each and every ad  stat. For more information on this specific company; just look around online for the THAT! symbol and you will know which ad agency this is.

I have been lightly playing around the marketing field online. Signing up for new online programs and building down-lines or affiliates for it, is one of the online hobbies I do for extra money. I have seen in the past, where branding was an effective marketing method and one that was easy to sell advertisers online. But in recent years, I think too many people are branding poor products or poor people and it has weighed the overall markets down. I have pulled away from the old style of branding, but you still see the big shots calling for it. I have noticed a lot of other advertising trends online; which did work 10 or 12 years ago, but now more and more people are doing it and it has lost it’s effect. For me to smile or get excited these days, I have to come up with an original idea and try to do something, which no one has ever done before. What kind of online advertising do you think the World hasn’t noticed yet? Or will make a big splash in the coming years?

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