Football and Movies for the Holidays

I know I am a TV junkie, but it’s really got bad over the past couple of weeks. The college football bowl games are currently underway and I have been watching a lot of the pigskin on TV. There’s been some really good movies also coming on, so sometimes I am taping these on videos to watch later. I will usually watch the football games live and then late at night go back and watch the movies I recorded. Since movies and football are both coming on so frequently right now, it’s a never ending process. I just stay up late watching the movies after my football games; then turn on the 2 ceiling fans in our living room and go to sleep on the couch. I wake up the next morning and do it all again. I believe the BCS National Title Game will be on January 8th between Texas and Alabama and this will end the college football season. This will be next Friday and I will probably watch a couple of movies after that game too. I guess I will have to find something new to do on Saturday and I probably can get a few things done, after the football games are over and done with. This is what I did over the holidays this year. What did you do for the holidays? Please no exciting stories. Only let me know if you did something on the scale of my holiday vacation. I don’t think I could handle anyone having too much fun during Christmas and New Years Day.

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Does the TV Guide Magazine Still Exist?

Can consumers still pick up the TV Guide at the supermarket? I know one of the country’s oldest magazines is the TV Guide. Now that most cable and satellite television companies come with their own guides, I don’t think many people have the need for a TV Guide magazine (book) anymore. I guess they (TV Guide publishing company) are not too happy with some of the modern advances in technology over the last decade. My family would pick up a new TV Guide about once every month. They did come in handy and something we would keep in the tv stands in my household. We just don’t have a need for them now, because we can see about 2 weeks into the future. I really haven’t paid attention at the grocery store, to see if they’re still selling one of America’s most popular magazine subscriptions. I know collectors probably still buy them for their own personal collections, but the general TV viewer has no need for them. Of course now a days you can just check out the listings on time warner cable albany ny cable listings by simple using their channel menu. Also using their DVR feature to schedule the recordings of your favorite shows.


I didn’t have a chance to see the cast of Smallville on one of the TV Guide covers. I guess if TV Guide put beautiful faces like Kristin’s on their covers, I might buy one for that purpose. Kristin Kreuk is the lovely girl that plays Superman’s childhood girlfriend on the show Smallville and her character’s name is Lana Lang. As for buying an issue of TV Guide for the the program listings, I would just be wasting my money. We have satellite in my house and all 4 of our televisions can access the program guide. The last time I checked, I believe TV Guide was a weekly magazine, so you wouldn’t have much luck with knowing what was coming on 2 weeks from now. I could go to my TV now and within 1 minute, I could tell you which programs would be coming on a specific channel at the specific hours you wanted to know. Does your TV stand at home still have an issue of TV Guide on it? Why do you still buy it (collector or useful purposes)?

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All-You-Can-Eat Seafood


Take control of your seafood cravings and choose a seafood buffet. This is the best way to nibble on all the restaurant’s food items to see which one you like the best. Once you discover the 1 or 2 things that is the most tasty on the seafood buffet, you can then fill your plate up as much as you want. I do love the seafood buffets, but you don’t see many of them around. It can be a little difficult to find a good seafood buffet, but it’s magical when you do. Most of us are willing to make a 30 or 40 mile drive, just to eat at one of these good seafood buffets. If you live within 10 miles of a good seafood buffet; then consider yourself one of the lucky ones.

Best Seafood Items?

What is your favorite things on a buffet filled with seafood? I like good fish, fresh fish, and fish that is grilled. Some of the best tasting pieces of fish I have ever eaten are mahi mahi, halibut, amberjack, and swordfish. Tilapia is another good fish you can get that has a light fish taste and it’s pretty common to find tilapia being served at restaurants. I prefer the fishes that do have the light fish taste. Sometimes trout or grouper have that strong fish taste and I would rather stay away from these types of fish.

Shrimp is the other item I love to eat off the seafood buffets. It seems like popcorn shrimp goes better with my fresh, grilled fish and I usually load up on the popcorn shrimp when it’s available. Jumbo shrimp and shrimp scampi are great too and I will eat these almost as much as the popcorn shrimp. You can’t go wrong with grilled shrimp either. The shrimp you have to peel and it’s normally sitting on ice isn’t that bad, but I do prefer my shrimp with a little heat. If I can get about a 12 oz piece of mahi mahi served with a lot of popcorn shrimp and french fries; then that is my perfect seafood dinner. There are several other things I like to nibble on from the seafood buffets, but the fish and shrimp are usually the two things I grab first.

Do you like catfish? A place that serves all-you-can-eat catfish is the next best thing to a good seafood buffet restaurant. If you can’t find good items from the sea and oceans of the world in a restaurant near you, search for the places that offer catfish. Catfish is a wonderful treat and most of these all-you-can-eat places will give you the choice of catfish fillets or whole catfish. I like the bones in my catfish and the bones give it a better taste in my opinion. If you don’t like your fish with the bones in it; then you’re in the majority, because most people do prefer fillets over the fishes with bones in them.

Once you do find a place that serves good seafood; what’s the most you’re willing to pay? I think anything under $20 is worth it to me. I’m not talking about a seafood buffet that is $19.99 and then you have to buy a $2 drink, plus tip. If you can get your food and drink for under $20; then I’m willing to fork out the cash. The buffets that can be 25 to 30 bucks to eat at; it has to be some really, really, good seafood for me to pay those prices. Good seafood should be under $20 a person and no place should charge higher. I know the crab legs usually adds to the price and most people like crab legs better than anything else on the seafood buffet. I’m not that big of a fan for crab legs, so a buffet that jacks up the price due to crab legs, really isn’t for me. If you’re a bit thrifty with your money and want value in seafood; then check out the Chinese restaurants in your area. Some of these places have great seafood and they can sometimes be a bit cheaper than the American restaurants selling seafood.

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Blogger Discovers the AP 25 Poll Scam in College Football

Leave it to a blogger to find out what’s really going on in college football these days. The NCAA refuses to have a playoff system to settle these battles on the field, so people spend their time in sports bars and online debating these NCAA college football rankings. Now a key piece of evidence has floated to the surface and one blogger is running away with these new findings. It points a lot of fingers and indicts a lot of powerful people with some very serious charges. It’s not just a debate in college football any more. It has now became the proof in the pudding and the smoking gun that clearly points multiple violations at the AP 25 Poll in college football and the voters who participate in it.

These new charges will have to be something college football addresses. You can’t have the BCS Rannkings; while using the AP Poll to help determine the overall rankings; when a West Coast Scam is in full-effect in the World of College football. I now can see where my gripes have came from all of these years and why things never did add up just right.

If anyone has kept up with the USC violations with Reggie Bush and the rapid exit of former head coach Pete Carroll from the USC college football program. You probably seen how slow the NCAA was to react to this Southern California scam going on at the USC University for student and college athletes.

Pete Carroll was born in the Southern California district of where a lot of wealth people lived, along with a lot of wealthy influence. His ties to this area and later becoming the coach for USC and getting caught with recruiting violations, paying players money to play, paying their families money, and a long list of broken rules; which USC and Pete Carroll was in full control of. Even sports anchor Kirk Herbstreet played a puppet in the USC scam; which would go on for over a decade in sunny, southern California.

Now with Oregon sporting a ridiculous number 1 ranking over the Auburn Tigers; when the Ducks haven’t played anyone is just the start to this year’s new NCAA tricks. The AP Top 25 College Football Poll is just about as dirty as you can get. The funny thing, they have been getting away with it every year. No other conference in college football has had higher numbers than the teams from the Pac 10. The PAC10 scam is what is being delivered to college teams and fans now and things are about to hit the fan.

I look for the quitter Pete Carroll to run from his problems again and he will leave Seattle and football all together this time. He may not have a choice in the matter, since him and others are involved in a college football conspiracy; which stole millions and millions of dollars from other college universities. I could see 10, 20, or even 100 division 1 schools filing law suits, against the USC college, Pete Carroll, Kirk Herbstreet, the NCAA, the AP Poll, employees of the Associated Press, and perhaps people who intentionally voted in the AP process for the Pac 10 teams.

If college fans want to see the real championship in college football this year. The two best teams in the country will be playing in the Georgia Dome in Atlanta, Georgia on Saturday, December 4th. The Auburn Tigers will be looking to beat the Gamecocks for a 2nd time this year, as these two teams play on a neutral field in Atlanta. The winner of the SEC Championship Game, is the true winner of the 2010 NCAA College Championship this year. The BCS Rankings, BCS Titles, and the BCS Bowl Games have all been victimized by the money and people in South California; where these rich people can’t even say “South California“, because they hate the “South” that much. Simply because we have better collegiate athletes.

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Controlling your weight

Well you know the saying, but it is true and what we eat is so important. A good balance of food is the best diet anyone can have. Instead of trying to focus on a dozen of real healthy foods, try to eat the most variety as possible. Yes, even the things they say are bad are fine to eat, but only on rare occasions. It doesn’t matter what you eat, just don’t eat the same thing everyday. You will feel so much better when you start trying a variety of foods and if you can go through one week and never eat the same thing, you will see a big difference in the way your body feels. The foods you choose are important paying special attention to the amount of sugar that are in each serving. Diabetes is a growing issue in our society and the demand for diabetic supplies is outpacing current therapies which is not a good sign.

People do not understand that just because you starve yourself all day and then load up at dinner with soda,high fat foods and then finish it off with a big bowl of ice cream or cake. The key to better glycemic control is to eat smaller healthier meals throughout the day so that blood sugars stay more constant and you are not overloading your system.

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Google Unveils New Fortune Program

For the first time ever, a real money making opportunity comes to life for people wanting to earn easy money online. Anyone can do this and everyone should be doing it. Many online programs have came and gone. They weren’t build on a foundation for supporting long term growth. As quick as some programs appear today; they are gone tomorrow leaving their members holding the bag and a bag that has little no money in it. You can now grab your bag and grab a few of them, because the money here is real and flows through out the system to all members!

Just like any other program, the earlier you sign up the better you are in the long run. By signing up today, you are getting into the early stages of a program that’s not been join by many. It’s not even being heavily promoted or promoted at all in many of the advertising arenas online. You probably already have a few advertising platforms that you use to promote the programs you’re already members of. A good chance your secret corner on the Net hasn’t been shown the Fortune Program or had very few people displaying this awesome new way to make money online.

The Fortune Program is easy to understand and straight forward in the way you and your family and friends can start earning money on the Internet. The program isn’t design to make anyone rich over night, but you can begin to make progress on a nightly basis once you join up. Each new member you bring you has the chance to earn money for you over and over again. The end result of this program provides each member a chance to earn $550 over and over again for a lifetime. Not to mention the generous matching bonus you will receive each time one of your referrals earns their $550; which will result in a $200 payment for you!

You won’t be left without rewards while you work your way up to this platinum level at the Fortune Program. You and your referrals will will receive cash payments for the bronze, silver, and gold levels you complete as you make your way to the Platinum level. These are not one time rewards and each level starts over again for unlimited payments. The lowest level is bronze and your earnings start here. This level alone pays $30 for each time you complete it; plus $11 for each time one of your direct referrals complete his/her bronze level! Everything from this point on jumps up big time and you will never make less than these payouts.

I’m ready to join! How do I get started making my own wealth online with the Fortune Program?

All you need is an Alert Pay account so you can pay your one time membership cost of $11. All the money you earn will quickly go back to your Alert Pay account and there is never no cahout requests or minimum amounts to earn. As soon as you get money from your own efforts or those from your referrals, these get placed automatically in the que for payouts and you won’t be waiting for weeks or months to get your money. This money will get paid out real soon and you will see why I am so excited about this Fortune Program and why others are beginning to gain interest too!

Don’t delay in grabbing your spot in one of the early spots, so you can have the most opportunity possible to maximize your earnings here. You do want to join now, so you can start taking advantage of the spillovers that every member at Fortune is lined up to receive. You can make things a lot easier on yourself by bringing in direct referrals, because this is the only way to create spillunders and it’s the combined effort of spillovers, and your spillunders that makes you, your completing each level a breeze at the Fortune Program.

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Inspiring True Story – Soul Surfer Movie

AnnaSophia Robb in Soul Surfer

A great movie is now playing at theaters; which is based on a true story. It was the actual events that took place on Halloween morning, off the Hawaiian Island called Kauai, where Bethany Hamilton was attacked by a 14 foot long shark. The attack almost took her life, but did take most of her left arm. While its an amazing story she survived, it’s even more amazing she would put on the surf clothing and go back out in the waves and salty ocean waters.

She was only 13 years old, when this tiger shark appeared out of no where one morning. From her own words, I seen on an interview a few years back, she really didn’t have a lot of pain. Or at least when it first happened. A shark’s mouth and their teeth are razor sharp. They are so powerful and fast, this aggressive shark took Bethany’s arm off, much like a surgeon would do. It was just a quick bite and it would change her life forever.

Losing an arm at such an early age had to be devastating. Most people would have give up on surfing and probably life in general too. It didn’t seem like it bothered Bethany as much as it bothered her family and everyone around her. She knew she would surf again. Bethany Hamilton isn’t just surfing, but she is competing in high levels of surfing competitions. She has did so well, it forced Hollywood to create a true life motion picture about her. Annasophia Robb is the young actress who got chosen to play the part. It must have been a great honor for her, but it was a difficult role to play. Since the actress didn’t know how to surf in real life. Annasophia was forced to take a quick coarse in surfing lessons. For anyone who has tried to surf before, you know that surfing isn’t easy and it takes time. It is something that doesn’t come natural to most people, but the young actress and people in charge of the movie did an excellent job.

Bethany Hamilton

Now back in the 1970’s around places like Hawaii and California where surfing is popular, there was a special term they used. It was “soul surfer” and this meant someone who love to surf on the ocean waves, just for the fun and pleasure of it. Someone who didn’t really do it for sport or money, but did it because they liked it. This new movie about Bethany’s  life story (which she is only 21 years old now), is called Soul Surfer and it seems like an appropriate title for her. I think she only wanted to surf again, but it turns out, even with the majority of the left arm gone, she is as good as any other woman surfer in the world today. There is a ton of advertisers who would line-up, to put their advertising name on her surf clothes.

Just an all around great story and a movie for the whole family to watch. Congratulations to Bethany Hamilton and her loving family, who continue to beat the odds, out on the high sea waves now and in the future. Hang in there girl, I still don’t think you have rode your best wave yet!

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Take control of your vacation

Holidays should be filled with lighthearted pleasure, unhurried diversion, exhilarating activities and lasting memories. Tucked away in the quiet seaside fishing village of Curacao, ST. Barts and other inclusive resorts offer all that and more! The Festival de Musique, which is held at St. Barts every year in January and February attracts top international performers. The main language is French but most of the restaurants and shopsspeak english so you should have no problem in getting around. Welcoming and unpretentious, this all-inclusive Caribbean hideaway will cater to the needs of your most discerning family member while easily keeping the whole group occupied and satisfied. You will find that caribbean vacations can be one of the greatest times and adventures that you will ever have with the warm weather and local hospitality.
cuarcoGoing to the Caribbean can be a great way to get away from the problems of the world. Most people travel to Aruba or St. Barts to get away from it all and take advantage of the villas that are nestled up in the hills for the most breaht taking views. Taking an all inclusive Caribbean vacation is even better. At resorts like Sunset Waters located in Cuaracao you can pamper yourself and your spouse with luxury caribbean hotels, snorkling, and your own tranquil swimming cove. The resort is laid back as is anything in the Caribbean the people in the south are very friendly. At the time of this posting you can find some amazing deals at with their all inclusive vacation packages that will save you money and time. At one of their first super inclusive resorts at Breezes Curacao you will find unbelievable white sand beaches and all you can eat, drink, and do is included in this resort/spa location. If you have never had the opportunity to stay at an all inclusive resort I would highly recommend this option as you are taking care of from the moment you step on the property to the time you leave.

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Sweater Weather Griping the Nation

I always feel bad for the corporate men and women who have to wear suits and ties during the summer months. Now with wave after wave of arctic blasts coming down from Canada and making most U.S. states unbearably cold, it might just be the perfect outfit to wear right now. Experts best advice to citizens, during cold weather patterns, is to dress up in layers. Each layer of clothing offers a protective shield against the cold weather and also provides installation for retaining more of your own body heat. A typical suit and tie outfit, will consist of a cotton T-shirt, a dress shirt, and then a stylish jacket. This corporate-looking business attire is actually a great winter weather outfit. Dressing up in a suit right now, is the smart way to dress during these super cold spells, most of the country is having to deal with right now. You should also have a heavier coat, that can button or zip up, to provide 1 more additional layer of clothing. So for everyone who is enjoying the warm weather protection a business suit provides right now. Will also have to remember the long hot days of summer ahead; where the suit is not as comfortable to wear. It’s just like everything else in life. No matter how great or how bad something is, you can sure bet that a trade off is just around the corner!

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The Building Blocks to Your Online Business

A picture can say a 1000 words and this one certainly does. It shows the road map to success online. You see the small building blocks that lead to the much larger blocks. We all have to start some where and it’s usually small when we do begin a online business or taking advantage of our first online opportunity to earn money. This picture also shows something else that is very important and it’s more than one person. Don’t try to do everything yourself and try to find an online team to help you succeed online. Various social networking websites like Trafficera, ApSense, or you could try to market at a place like Facebook or MySpace. These are all excellent places to make friends and build business contacts online.

If you want a team to help you succeed online, you can join Google Ranked Us or give our Samba Ramba Team a try at Traffic Dance. Both of these marketing teams can help you succeed with your online dreams. Not only do you get the benefits of others working hard for you, but you get that daily motivation that keeps you going. You can also find a wealth of knowledge on new programs; along with tips and marketing advice for your current programs.

If you just want to earn your first dollar online and ready to start right this minute, you can join Clixsense or Linkgrand to get you started immediately. Both of these programs are free to join and easy to promote online. Building huge downlines at each program is the key to making them really work for you. You can also earn more money if you login to each one several times a day, so you’re clicking the latest and newest ads that come into the system several dozens of times each day. Be sure to check on them frequently, if you want to click your way to an online income. Upgrading is the best way to go and each program will only cost you $10 to upgrade and this will last for an entire year. You don’t have to upgrade to make money and free members can earn too. You just make your money faster, if you can afford the $10 investment and it will last for a full 365 days! Most members will earn this $10 back in 3 months or less. These are the perfect building blocks for those that are new to making money online and both programs are super easy to understand.

Finding a place to earn money while promoting your programs is rare online. I have the number 1 traffic exchange for paying their members a low cashout of only $3; while they award their members .30 cents for every 1000 pages they surf. You don’t have to surf all 1000 pages in the same day. You can do a few today, a few tomorrow, and so on. Your pages surfed; keeps a running tally, so you’re not forced to surf long periods in just 1 day. The best part is not the cash you earn from surfing here, but you also get some of the best advertising results, you can find from any traffic exchange or other advertising platform online. This special and unique way to earn money while promoting the programs you’re already advertising for online is called EasyHits4U. Everyone should be a member here and I do mean everyone! Not a lot of money to earn here, but you do earn some and you won’t get better results from any other place online, that is FREE to join!

You have just found a road map to success that cuts out all of the other worthless advice and ways others want you to earn online. You have to start small and build a solid foundation for it to work at the end. A traffic empire is needed for online marketers and you achieve this by building up your downlines at various traffic exchanges. Be sure you’re promoting traffic exchanges that will reward you credits for each page a referral surfs. I have made an easy-to-follow list on these traffic exchanges; which offer this key feature. Be sure to first join Easy Hits 4U and they reward you 5 levels deep for the downline you create with them. Someone on your 5th level surfs a page, they’re earning you an advertising credit, so you can show your pages without even surfing! Join EasyHits4U first and then you can join the other traffic exchanges you should be promoting online.

Everything you need to earn money online is right here. You do need a place to receive your money, so be sure you have a Pay Pal and Alert Pay account, so you’re free to join and promote any program online you want. The only thing holding you back now is you! These are the small blocks that will build to the huge ones and you can accomplish these steps with programs you’re already promoting now. All of these programs are just creating more streams of income that will lead straight to your pockets!

1. Sign Up for Social Networking Websites to Build Business Contacts

2. Join a Team Online Dedicated to Marketing

3. Sign Up for Free to LinkGrand and Clixsense

4. Join Traffic Exchanges that Pay Their Members in Credits and Cash for their Referrals

5. Show Your Referral Links from All Programs (cross promoting)

6. Cashout and Go Spend Your Money!

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