Halloween Goodies: All Treats Here!

Are you ready for Halloween? Well I sure am! Halloween is one of my favorite holidays of the year. I was looking around online for Halloween things and boy did I sure find a lot! I figured I would share some of the cool Halloween products that retails are trying to sell this year. To get things started, I thought I would go for the spooky sounds of Halloween followed with some of the best Halloween related songs of all time. Here is your chance to check out the scary Halloween noises or to look over 100 Halloween songs for this upcoming Halloween season.

How many Halloween songs can you name? I won’t attempt to name all 100, but some of the 100 Halloween Hits include Ghostbusters, I Want Candy, Don’t Fear the Reaper, The Addams Family, The Munsters, Thriller, and Monster Mash. I really like how they went by the title and tried to fit it in for Halloween. Like the Devil Went Down to Georgia is one of the songs on this 4 CD Set of Halloween Songs. If you got these Halloween music CD’s, you could just stick one in the CD player and sit it by the jack-o-lantern and it would be playing Halloween songs all evening long, as your trick-or-treaters visited. And speaking of Jack-O-Lanterns, do you plan to buy a pumpkin and have one this year? I found a great Halloween pumpkin carver online. This would make cutting out those Jack-o-Lantern designs a breeze. I wish we had a pumking carving kit for slicing up our pumpkin this year.

I never have used a real pumpkin carver. We just always used a knife and I’m not an artist at all. I do like keeping the pumpkin seeds out and roasting them in the oven for a Halloween snack. The Halloween snacks come in handy, if you plan on watching all of the scary Halloween movies this year. I found a new Halloween movie I haven’t never seen before. After doing a little research and finding out some information about it, I can see this Trick r Treat movie would be perfect for October 31st. I mean this one looks really scary and by no means is this a kids Halloween movie. This one is for the big boys and girls (adults)!

While we are speaking about the movie Trick or Treat, let’s talk about the best thing about Halloween; which is trick-or-treating. If you house has a lot of trick or treaters, then I will show you a few products you might want to think about getting for this year’s Halloween. I found this great Halloween doorcover. All of the little ones who will be dressed up in costumes this year, will all be getting a good up-close view of your door. It would be a nice touch on your end, if you fixed the door up for all the kid trick-or-treaters.

This door cover for Halloween is leas than $5, so it would be just like buying an extra bag of candy for the children Trick-or-Treaters. Now we all know the children have fun going door-to-door getting candy, right? What if I could show you a way to have more fun than them and never having to leave the comforts of your home? Well check this out. The best product for Halloween this year is these candy bowls that have a hand, bird, or some other creepy thing inside of them. These things can be seen sticking out of the bowl. When a child goes to reach into the bowl, to get a piece of candy, these sensors in the Halloween bowls cause them to come to live or you have an animated Halloween bowl. It will make the kids jump and you will get the scare on them! Some of these talking Halloween bowls are more comical than scary. Here is one of the funny Halloween bowls you can have a lot of fun with this year.

See how this bowl up above has candy in it? Well when a kid reaches for the candy in this bowl, he or she will be in for a big surprise. This Halloween candy bowl has a sensor, so when something gets nearby the hand will move. It will be like the hand is trying to take back its candy. Also, with this one you have a voice that can be heard too. Each time the sensor goes off, this bowl will say some of the following phrases:

“Gotcha! (ha ha ha)”

“Boo! (laughter)”

“Hey! Whad ya doin’?”

“Tag! Your It! (laughter)”

I believe these talking and moving Halloween bowls are the best Halloween items you can get. This one is battery powered and uses 3 AAA batteries, but the batteries will be included if you order this specific one. The only thing extra you will need to buy is the Halloween candy! Now here are some more of these animated Halloween bowls and each one does something different or looks a little different.




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College Football Returns with the Same Bias

Well, well, well….

It is time for another great and exciting season of college football in America. I love this time of the year. Fall was just meant for football and our college boys all over the South are out there right now, working their butts off for a little respect. Year after year, the southern football teams from the ACC and SEC prove they can beat the other teams around the Nation. Especially those teams out West. Maybe you know of one of them, which call their self the Trojans?

The USC Trojans started the season at number 1 in the Country for some reason. They don’t have a lot of returning starters. No premier or top recruiting class coming in. Just a team that played average ball last year, that has an above average QB and got a big transfer at running back. The transfer was not a luxury for USC, since they lost their other tailbacks. This transfer was a means of necessity, so USC is still weak at this position. They are one concussion or ankle sprain away, from becoming an all-passing team in college football.

USC plays some of the weakest schools in the Nation and they refuse to pick a big name school or one that has a little talent. They get ranked unfairly number 1 or top 5 every year, due to the bias of college football. USC played very average football this past Saturday (in only WEEK 2) against Syracuse. They was unable to put this team away and there is no way they would match up with half of the teams from the SEC or even the ACC this year.

Kirk Herbstreet from ESPN loves to pick against the SEC and root for his USC Trojans from his job with a TV sports company. I mean really, should this guy be allowed to voice his bias opinions year after year, when he always says the same things? “The SEC Teams are not that good and USC is better than what others think.”

Hey Herbie! USC is ranked number 1 or they was. Too bad they couldn’t hold serve after week 1 to a far lesser opponent and have to give their top spot up to a SEC Team. Let’s face it. They shouldn’t even be a top 10 school. Most of the real fans around the country, see USC on the edge of 25th in the Nation. If USC wasn’t the richest school in the land, they would have a True Ranking of 24th – 28th right now. More likely to be out of the top 25; than in right now. All of that hype from Southern California comes in so strong every year, the voters out West and in the North, seem to rank them higher than they deserve.

Kirk Herbstreet from ESPN TV and the USC Trojans are the two worse things in college football right now. The SEC and ACC are thrilled to hear about a new playoff system coming in the future.

USC Football Recruits listen up. You really should avoid going to USC right now, with sanctions still pending against this Southern Cali School. USC could be sidelined, when the college playoff system starts up in NCAA Football. USC Trojan recruiting will take a big hit over the next 3 to 5 years, with punishments that could still be handed down. They have served some of their punishment time and are allowed to play in the post-season this year. That might not be true for next year, when the 2013 NCAA College Football Season starts up. The offices of the NCAA are a bit slow, in reacting to these recruiting violations from USC and their attempts to breaks rules on and off the field, so they could suit up an above average team.

As it stands right now (and after watching the Syracuse Orangemen hang with the Mighty Trojans) I think this team could rank just below average. Especially if they take 1 or 2 injuries. This team would crumble real easy with a few guys on the bench. USC has no top notch reserves in the wings waiting and the starters are not all that great. Even with a super weak schedule, the Trojans could easily lose 4 games this year. And the trouble with that, they only have 2 teams ranked in the top 25 on their schedule this year.

I’m sure the clever folks in the rankings department, will find a way to add 1 or 2 more ranked schools to the USC Football Schedule this year. I been watching this for the last 9 or 10 years and it happens every year. They fix the rankings, so that USC will have as many wins against top ranked 25 schools as possible. I have even seen a team unranked before (not top 25) and lose on Saturday and come Sunday night, would get pushed up to a 25th or 24th spot in the rankings. Why? Due to the upcoming Saturday and USC being on the schedule. You may think I am reaching here, but its all true. I have talked about this type of stuff in the past and somewhere on my 9 blogs, I have this stuff in writing. It is documented, when it comes to the bias sportsmanship, in which the NCAA and its partners have for the University of Southern California.

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Shoes for All Feet

Marketing the shoes of today is pretty hard with all the different types of shoes needed for life. We have shoes we work in, shoes we wear for running, or a shoe that is just comfortable to wear. There are all sorts of shoes and they cover a wide variety of different people and their feet. A new shoe company would have a hard time marketing to so many people and what they need to be wearing on their feet. I’m sure it’s a bit easier for a big shoe company like Dansko shoes to market their shoes in stores or online. There is a lot more technology in shoes today; than what was available in years past. The World does have a much better perspective on what people need to wear on their feet in 2009; compared to a century earlier and the way shoe companies designed shoes in 1909.  I just wonder what the shoe technology will be like in 2109?

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Brett Favre: Should I Stay? Or Should I Go?

Brett Favre – Vikings

I believe I know the answer to the Brett Favre question. He made a few bucks and a few laughs on his slow decisions; when it comes to retirement from the NFL. Go ahead Brett and stock up on the best joint supplements now. I know you will need them this fall and you’re returning to quarterback the Minnesota Vikings.

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Get your SEO Right in 2013

SEO the right wayIf you have been reading the latest updates and posts about SEO in 2013 you can see that there is no real clear direction. Its really not hard to find a website online, which claims to help you get better rankings, indexed faster in the search engines, or increasing site traffic. In fact, the wording gets so hyped-up, you begin to picture your self as an online millionaire, because this SEO website is making some pretty bold claims. As you cross your fingers, hoping your next paycheck from work can cover the expenses, you suddenly see the price. It isn’t a thousand dollars or even in the hundreds. This company only wants a few bucks, to make your site sizzle online and be in the top 10 of every search engine online. What could go wrong? I can tell you from experience that a lot can go wrong in most cases you are left cleaning up a mess with bad links and mismanaged social signals. Don’t base your decision on price but the total solution that a company has to offer.

So now you begin to wonder if the information you are reading is totally truthful. You decide to check other similar websites and a pattern begins to form. There are many that claim to get highly targeted traffic but at what cost and how do you measure this. They all claim to have some special knowledge or powers, where they can hook you up. Then it starts to get a little confusing and you wonder which sites are legit and which ones are not totally truthful with their big S.E.O (search engine optimization) claims.

Read more on how can you find a good SEO website online? What are some “tricks” or clues I should look out for? Well I’m not an expert either, but over the last 6 years, I have picked up on a few things. Like for instance, how long has the company been providing seo consulting services online? Any company with 5 years or less is a red flag to me. It doesn’t automatically disqualify every SEO service that is 5 years or less, it’s just a warning sign.

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Saving Money on Music Packages

A group of musicians or a band have a better opportunity to save money on musical equipment; than those singers or performers who try to go in alone with a solo performance. The savings really add up, when musicians focus on the big Studio & Recording Packages they can buy online or at a local music store. A music package means a consumer will be buying more than one item from a music store. In situations like these, the music store has a great opportunity to load you down, with a number of different items they have in stock and ready to be sold. So the packaging technique definitely works for the stores, but what about the buyers? They really win too, since they get an assortment of items they need now and could put to use right away. Each item in the package, will cost less, than if the music consumer decided to buy each item individually. So overall, it just makes good sense, to look for these recording packages or suggesting your own unique musical package. We all want to find the best bargains and it isn’t any different in the World of music.

Have you or someone in your band bought a musical package before? What is the best bargain you ever heard of someone getting, when it came to musical instruments or recording gear? I know looking around online, you can visit the Guitar Center or their webpage online and find some recording packages available there. If you took the time to break down each package, you found on the website, you would find the items cost a little more, if you bought each one separately. This is why we are highlighting the music packages, so you (the buyer) are getting more bang for your buck!

Times are tough and the dollar doesn’t quite stretch like it use to. The “starving actor” isn’t just for Hollywood anymore. You know as well as I do, the musicians are doing their own share of “starving“. A band or putting together a musical group, is really the only way to make it out there these days. Since it does take a little extra money, to buy all the things you will need, when you start playing out at bars, clubs, restaurants, or those high-paying gigs, like a corporate event party. Unfortunately, even the corporate gigs aren’t paying bands and musicians as much as they use to. If you don’t make the final 3 or 4 spots on American Idol, then it will be up to you and your band mates to keep the music playing. You can survive these hard times and it all begins at the music stores. Never take a discount on the quality of your equipment. You must keep buying the best microphones, speakers, amps, mixing boards, and musical cables. Just remember to bundle or search for these cheap recording packages, so you can save money and not musical quality.

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Shopping online this Holiday Season

You don’t need to bother going to each credit card individually to see which one has the best offer or rates for you. This can waste a lot of time and cause aggravation and then you still might not be getting the best deal possible. Sites like plasticrewards.com can help find Instant Approval Credit Cards that will provide numerous options to help you get a great credit care deal. They make finding the best deals for a credit card real simple and you won’t have to go looking all over to find a credit card that fits your needs. Put your computer to good use and look for an Online Credit Card by using a a simple to use interface to find cards by rates, rebates, and rewards.

Now I have looked around at some of the other shopping malls and I think one really stands out above the others. There are some great sites that can provide a one stop shopping resource while you are shopping this holiday season. Many will have a search tool that will help you find the right credit card for you. You will get the chance to compare many of the top lenders that are offering credit cards these days and I found that to be really helpful. It’s fun to see which ones really do the best when you compare them next to each other. A lot will depend on exactly what you’re looking for in a credit card to see which one will make the most sense for you.

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Football and Movies for the Holidays

I know I am a TV junkie, but it’s really got bad over the past couple of weeks. The college football bowl games are currently underway and I have been watching a lot of the pigskin on TV. There’s been some really good movies also coming on, so sometimes I am taping these on videos to watch later. I will usually watch the football games live and then late at night go back and watch the movies I recorded. Since movies and football are both coming on so frequently right now, it’s a never ending process. I just stay up late watching the movies after my football games; then turn on the 2 ceiling fans in our living room and go to sleep on the couch. I wake up the next morning and do it all again. I believe the BCS National Title Game will be on January 8th between Texas and Alabama and this will end the college football season. This will be next Friday and I will probably watch a couple of movies after that game too. I guess I will have to find something new to do on Saturday and I probably can get a few things done, after the football games are over and done with. This is what I did over the holidays this year. What did you do for the holidays? Please no exciting stories. Only let me know if you did something on the scale of my holiday vacation. I don’t think I could handle anyone having too much fun during Christmas and New Years Day.

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Does the TV Guide Magazine Still Exist?

Can consumers still pick up the TV Guide at the supermarket? I know one of the country’s oldest magazines is the TV Guide. Now that most cable and satellite television companies come with their own guides, I don’t think many people have the need for a TV Guide magazine (book) anymore. I guess they (TV Guide publishing company) are not too happy with some of the modern advances in technology over the last decade. My family would pick up a new TV Guide about once every month. They did come in handy and something we would keep in the tv stands in my household. We just don’t have a need for them now, because we can see about 2 weeks into the future. I really haven’t paid attention at the grocery store, to see if they’re still selling one of America’s most popular magazine subscriptions. I know collectors probably still buy them for their own personal collections, but the general TV viewer has no need for them. Of course now a days you can just check out the listings on time warner cable albany ny cable listings by simple using their channel menu. Also using their DVR feature to schedule the recordings of your favorite shows.


I didn’t have a chance to see the cast of Smallville on one of the TV Guide covers. I guess if TV Guide put beautiful faces like Kristin’s on their covers, I might buy one for that purpose. Kristin Kreuk is the lovely girl that plays Superman’s childhood girlfriend on the show Smallville and her character’s name is Lana Lang. As for buying an issue of TV Guide for the the program listings, I would just be wasting my money. We have satellite in my house and all 4 of our televisions can access the program guide. The last time I checked, I believe TV Guide was a weekly magazine, so you wouldn’t have much luck with knowing what was coming on 2 weeks from now. I could go to my TV now and within 1 minute, I could tell you which programs would be coming on a specific channel at the specific hours you wanted to know. Does your TV stand at home still have an issue of TV Guide on it? Why do you still buy it (collector or useful purposes)?

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All-You-Can-Eat Seafood


Take control of your seafood cravings and choose a seafood buffet. This is the best way to nibble on all the restaurant’s food items to see which one you like the best. Once you discover the 1 or 2 things that is the most tasty on the seafood buffet, you can then fill your plate up as much as you want. I do love the seafood buffets, but you don’t see many of them around. It can be a little difficult to find a good seafood buffet, but it’s magical when you do. Most of us are willing to make a 30 or 40 mile drive, just to eat at one of these good seafood buffets. If you live within 10 miles of a good seafood buffet; then consider yourself one of the lucky ones.

Best Seafood Items?

What is your favorite things on a buffet filled with seafood? I like good fish, fresh fish, and fish that is grilled. Some of the best tasting pieces of fish I have ever eaten are mahi mahi, halibut, amberjack, and swordfish. Tilapia is another good fish you can get that has a light fish taste and it’s pretty common to find tilapia being served at restaurants. I prefer the fishes that do have the light fish taste. Sometimes trout or grouper have that strong fish taste and I would rather stay away from these types of fish.

Shrimp is the other item I love to eat off the seafood buffets. It seems like popcorn shrimp goes better with my fresh, grilled fish and I usually load up on the popcorn shrimp when it’s available. Jumbo shrimp and shrimp scampi are great too and I will eat these almost as much as the popcorn shrimp. You can’t go wrong with grilled shrimp either. The shrimp you have to peel and it’s normally sitting on ice isn’t that bad, but I do prefer my shrimp with a little heat. If I can get about a 12 oz piece of mahi mahi served with a lot of popcorn shrimp and french fries; then that is my perfect seafood dinner. There are several other things I like to nibble on from the seafood buffets, but the fish and shrimp are usually the two things I grab first.

Do you like catfish? A place that serves all-you-can-eat catfish is the next best thing to a good seafood buffet restaurant. If you can’t find good items from the sea and oceans of the world in a restaurant near you, search for the places that offer catfish. Catfish is a wonderful treat and most of these all-you-can-eat places will give you the choice of catfish fillets or whole catfish. I like the bones in my catfish and the bones give it a better taste in my opinion. If you don’t like your fish with the bones in it; then you’re in the majority, because most people do prefer fillets over the fishes with bones in them.

Once you do find a place that serves good seafood; what’s the most you’re willing to pay? I think anything under $20 is worth it to me. I’m not talking about a seafood buffet that is $19.99 and then you have to buy a $2 drink, plus tip. If you can get your food and drink for under $20; then I’m willing to fork out the cash. The buffets that can be 25 to 30 bucks to eat at; it has to be some really, really, good seafood for me to pay those prices. Good seafood should be under $20 a person and no place should charge higher. I know the crab legs usually adds to the price and most people like crab legs better than anything else on the seafood buffet. I’m not that big of a fan for crab legs, so a buffet that jacks up the price due to crab legs, really isn’t for me. If you’re a bit thrifty with your money and want value in seafood; then check out the Chinese restaurants in your area. Some of these places have great seafood and they can sometimes be a bit cheaper than the American restaurants selling seafood.

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