Blue Global Media Offering a Marketing Recipe

There is a lot of different things one can do on the computer these days. If you have an Internet connection, you really do have the World at your fingertips each day. How you decide to use this technology is up to you. I know a lot of people want to learn how to use their computers and modern technology to make a steady income online. Money always ranks high in everything and its no different with our online activities. You can make some easy money online, if you choose to begin with the top affiliate networks. I love affiliate marketing. I have been doing this gig for over 5 years now. I will be the first one to tell you, there is still more to learn. You never run out of ideas or tricks for making more or faster money online. A good affiliate marketer will never rest and keep pushing things to the next level.

Over at Blue Global Media, they believe they have found a recipe for marketing success. It all starts with their dedication to improving each day. There is over 10 employees for BGM right now, who specialize in Internet Technology and working each day, to improve the affiliate services offered by this media company. If you have failed to hook up with the right crowds online yet; try to join forces with a leader in the affiliate network game.

I have had my share of luck and disappointments online. You never know how an online program is going to work for you. Sometimes it is baptism by fire, but as long as you learn from your online experiences, you can improve the results of success for tomorrow. I think by nature, we are all affiliates for some product or service. Depending on what you have done with your life over the past year, 5 years, 10 years, and longer sometimes, can often determine which affiliate products or affiliate services you would do the best with, if you tried to market them online. No experience is necessary, but often it helps, when you can use personal experiences, to back up your promotional efforts online.

If you try to promote a Payday loan affiliate program, you would want to know how it works. If you never borrowed money from a service like this in the past, you will need to know how it operates. I might take out a loan, just so I could see, step by step on how the whole financial process works. Make sure the payday loan company is acting in accordance with the instructions they have written for their services. This insures that we are marketing something that is legit and not a scam. Often there are affiliate scams online and its hard to avoid. You can eliminate the bad programs, if you do your homework first (most of the time). If you do see you are in the middle of a scam, then quit immediately, and move on. Learn from your lessons and this eliminates the mistakes of the future. Learning the “hard way” is still learning. It is sometimes helpful, to keep us all humble, who market daily online for a living.

Are you ready to promote an affiliate program online? Does the payday loans interest you any? If so, seek out the recipe the guys from Blue Global Media has laid out for people, who want to start making money online. Their program may be attractive to the right person, who seeks a new career or just a little extra spending money. The choice is always yours, when it comes to affiliate marketing. This is what I like best. I decide the hours I work, which programs to promote or not to promote, and how much money do I want to make. The more time you have, the higher your payouts will be. You will get back, what you put in, but be sure you are working smarter each day and not harder. If you seek to advertise online, BGM can help out there too. Good luck with your online promotions or your online advertisements. Remember to always do your best and try to have a little fun; while you work all of these hours online.

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Oh, To Be A Cake Girl

Guest post written by my buddy Aldo Mays

One show that I could sit down and watch for hours is WE TV’s “Amazing Wedding Cakes”. This show airs pretty frequently and follows the lives of several cake-decorating business’ and their owners and employees. As most of the cakes requested are those for wedding’s, I assume that is were the title of the show came from.

I watch the CakeGirls in Illinois, Cake Alchemy in New York, and Christopher Garren’s Cakes and Merci Beaucoup Cakes in California. My direct tv in California is my best friend, and I find myself watching these shows for hours if a marathon is going. The most entertaining bunch would have to be Reva and Marc, who are consistently playing around in between their work.

The best thing about these people and their business’ are that they obviously enjoy what they do. Each and every owner and their staff laugh and joke in almost every episode. You can expect to see dry humor with the CakeGirls, the oddest bunch in Christopher Garren‘s gang, and a sophisticated layout for Cake Alchemy.

There are always very serious moments too, when the cake is finally put together and revealed. These are the moments when everyone is just in awe at how great a job they really did. You get an idea of what the cake will look like as it’s being put together, but not until the final touches and showcasing of the cake will you see how truly amazing it is.

What is even better about it is you get to see the wedding couple with their cake, after the happiest day of their life, and can skip over the stress that the wedding party endured prior!

This is art at work! And it is so fun to watch.

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Fall Time in the Smokey Mountains

If you want to see beautiful scenery, you have to visit the Smokey Mountains on the last weekend in October. This is the best time to view the awesome color of the fall leaves. I really wish I had a log cabin up in the Smokys; where I could take a trip to each time I got stressed out. Which would probably be a few times a year. I would want all log furniture inside with a wooden swing on the front porch. If I went there in the fall time (to my log cabin), I would enjoy the fall colored leaves on my way in, but would only be looking to rest in one of those comfy looking cabin beds. I wouldn’t be planning any sight-seeing tours or going out to explore the surroundings. I only need a quiet and restful place to sleep and relax up in the mountains of Tennessee.

As the colors change in the Smokey National Forest, so does the temperature. During the fall time of the year in East Tennessee, the winds can really get to whipping up on those mountain tops. I would need to pack extra blankets and have a nice big comforter on my cedar bed; when I did take one of my stress-relieving vacations. No television would be needed. I would have a radio nearby for a little music to help me relax and a few books around for reading. This would be the only entertainment I would want or need, because I would mainly just want to sleep and lay around in bed all day. I would watch the squirrels hop from limb to limb outside, as the wind slowly blows the beautiful leaves off of the tall trees in the Smokey Mountains. Just thinking about this now, makes me wish I was already there. Since I don’t own a mountain cabin yet, I may just have to check on some cabin rentals in the Great Smoky Mountains, so I can make this fall dream become a reality.

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Braves Finally Beat the Mets

It was a slow start to the baseball season, thanks to the New York Mets baseball team. The Braves finally got things going, after leaving New York. But when the Mets came into town to face the Braves again, it looked like it was going to be a long series again. Luckily the bats got hot early and the Mets star pitcher Santana got knocked out earlier. In fact, it was the shortest game for him, as a starting pitcher, ever!

It was fun watching the Braves play at Turner Field tonight. I hope we get to see more games like this one; than the first 4 games against the Mets. Perhaps the confidence is there now and it will continue, when we finish up this home series with the Mets in a day game tomorrow.

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Consumers Shopping for the Lowest Insurance Prices

No one wants to overpay for anything. Especially these days with money so tight. The one thing we certainly want at the best value, is the various insurance plans we own. I know some people will spend 5 minutes searching for the best insurance quotes and will choose a plan that day. While others will spend a month or more and go through great lengths, to see the insurance plan they buy, offers the most coverage and comes with the best possible price. How much time would you say you spend on finding the best insurance rates and insurance coverages for you and your family? I know I am guilty of just wanting to get the process over with and I probably should start spending a little extra time, where I make sure I have a solid insurance plan with the cheapest prices possible. I will take cheap insurance over coverage, but that could come back to bite me one day (knock on wood).

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The Gold Search Continues…


I still continue to comb the mountains of North Georgia for gold. I know there is a lot of gold out there that is still undiscovered and I plan to find some of it. It’s been hard with the cold winter conditions we have been having lately. We don’t typically see these brutal cold temperatures, especially since global warming or climate change has been going on.

Why do I hunt for gold? Well I really don’t. I never had an interest in it in the past. Since the price of gold has soared to more than 1000 dollars for an ounce of this shinny metal, it has made me take an interest in finding gold. I’m sure this was the case 150 years ago that drove so many people to look for gold. Back then, when someone found gold in a new area a gold rush would begin. A gold rush is exactly what it sounds like. A lot of people rushing to find gold.

We have a nice gold belt in North Georgia, so I have plenty of places to look for gold. My home is in that gold belt and I have never searched for gold on my own property. The rules have changed now with gold soaring to all new highs in recent months. The experts believe gold prices will continue to go up for the next 1 to 2 years, so I guess my interest in finding gold will continue to increase too. I just need for Old Man Winter to let up some, so I can get out there and search around the rivers and creeks that flow through North Georgia. If you live in North Georgia and know of good places to pan for gold; then please let me know some of these places. I am quickly trying to learn the best places to search and what signs to look for, before I even break the first piece of ground looking for gold.

I currently don’t own a gold pan or a sluice box. Two tools that all gold miners need. I will have to squeeze these prospecting tools into my budget; when I get a little extra cash in my pockets. A gold sluice box is an important tool and makes looking for gold a lot more easier. You can shovel a lot of material through a sluice box and find what your looking for that way. So for now, my search for gold continues…

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Travel like you are a pro

Many people travel because of their jobs and this is where you can gain pointers from corporate travel management companies. Since they are experts at travel simply asking them some of their tips and tricks can be the difference between a simple hotel room to getting that free upgraded suite. Many various jobs will require a person to travel to different parts of the country or even different parts of the world. Businesses and companies may be looking for a cheap but comfortable way for their employees to travel.

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Getting alternative energy

I would like to go to Niagara Falls someday. I know a lot of people take their honeymoons or make it a romantic type of trip when they visit this breath taking scene. I would just like to go and see the raw power that water has coming off the edges. I know the falls are used for electricity purposes and I bet it is responsible for a lot of people having power in that area. It can impact those that are in the business in building and selling various electrical goods for the consumer. While simply supplying electricity for normal house hold items like TV’s, lamps, and heating hydro power electricity is certainly a great resource to have. It can also depend on various conditions such as rain fall and melting snow packs in the mountains. I’m not sure if it’s possible for a drought to occur in that area and would hurt the amount of power it supplies to the residents up there. I know a lot of people would be without lights if the Falls was to suddenly stop.

Many of the dams in the Southeast produce a major portion of the electricity for homes and businesses but there is still a gap in consumption and demand. We need Niagara Falls to flow in our lakes for about a month to help them fill back up. Most of the experts think our biggest problems will be late in the summer next year, but right now we have about 75 days of water left, if it doesn’t rain anymore. I was just wondering with global warming and the climate changing, if Niagara Falls would ever be in danger of drying up or becoming a trickle one day? I guess a lot of ice and snow-covered mountains feed it and the hotter it gets, will just mean more water that comes through the Falls.

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Returning the Christmas Cheer This Holiday Season

Some of your friends and family members may not be doing as bad as you financially this year. They may be able to afford nicer gifts than you can send out this holiday season. I know it can be a stressful time, trying to keep up with those people close to you, that send you nice gifts each year for Christmas. The important thing is that you don’t forget about them all together. There are still a lot of inexpensive ways to give back to these people; while not costing you much out of the wallet or pocketbook. For those who do send you gifts this Christmas season, be sure to figure out a way to send them a little something back. It is the thought that counts. Buying a pack of thank you cards or creating your own personalized cards for sending to your relatives and close friends, is a nice gesture and it lets them know you didn’t forget about them. Please don’t let the holiday cheer cease on your end of things. Keep the love flowing and most folks will understand this year, since it has been such a tough economical time for all of us.

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