The New Perils of Identity Theft

Statistics available from the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) indicate that seven percent of all U.S. residents aged 16 and up were victims of some form of identity theft in 2012. This amounts to about 16.6 million people and represents a serious threat to consumer security. While not all identity theft attempts are successful, the misappropriation of financial information or personal data can create serious long-term problems for the victims of this serious crime.

Financial Issues

Identity theft cases typically involve unauthorized access to the victim’s financial resources and accounts:

• Attempted misuse of bank information accounts for 37 percent of reported identity theft cases.
• Credit card accounts are even more frequently targeted, accounting for 40 percent of identity thefts.

Banks and credit card companies have instituted a number of security measures to protect consumers against the unauthorized use of their accounts by identity thieves. Atypical transactions may trigger a restriction on access to funds until the banking institution can contact the accountholder and verify that these expenditures were authorized. While these restrictions may represent a minor annoyance for account holders, they serve as a valuable protection for the financial assets of bank and credit card customers.

Larger Issues

Approximately 14 percent of all identity theft cases result in financial losses of $1 or more. While these incidents can cause stress and worry, they usually can be resolved relatively quickly by cooperating with bank and credit card representatives. In some cases, however, the thief actually assumes the identity of their victim to open new credit accounts, to avoid legal prosecution for a crime or to acquire benefits from state or federal agencies. These identity theft cases can often go undetected for months and can be much more problematic for victims.

Discovering the Issue

According to DOJ statistics, most consumers find out about unauthorized use of their personal information through contact from their financial institutions regarding suspicious activity on their bank or credit card accounts. Consumers also learn that they’re victims of identify theft when they discover missing funds, see unauthorized charges on billing statements and are contacted by government agencies or companies.

Addressing Identity Theft

The DOJ estimates that 54 percent of identity theft cases involving unauthorized transactions on existing accounts are resolved within one day or less. When new accounts were opened under the victim’s name, however, it can take many months to identify the full extent of the identity theft and may require the intervention of law enforcement personnel to ensure that the perpetrator is identified and stopped. Additionally, it may take multiple attempts to remove the damaging information from consumer credit reports.

Consumers should take the following steps to prevent identity theft:
Shred financial documents when they are no longer needed
Change passwords for online accounts
Check account statements
Monitor credit reports

These steps can provide solid protection against unauthorized access to personal information and consequent identity theft.

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The Legendary Game of Pitfall

Do you remember playing Pitfall as a kid? I grew up in the 80’s and video games were big back then. The video game technology was just beginning to take shape and the video games back then don’t compare to the games of today. Pac Man was the first big game in the modern generation. It all began with Pong, but it was Pac Man that put video games on the map. After Pac Man made his splash to kids all over America; there was a long line of video games that followed. A couple of the more successful games were Donkey Kong and Frogger. Both of these games were fun and this was the same time that Pitfall made its way into living rooms all across the country.

Pitfall is a simple game and fun to play. The graphics were good compared to many of the other games on the marketplace back then. I never was a Pitfall expert and probably made it as far as 5 or 6 boards into the game. I’m not sure if Pitfall has an ending point or not. Maybe someone out there can let me know if there was a way to win the game. I just know most people liked Pitfall, since it was easy to get pass the first couple of obstacles. I played Pitfall on the Atari 2600 and this was the first version of Atari. The 2nd version that came out was the Atari 5200. I never owned this model of Atari, but did get to go over to friend’s houses and play a few games on the 5200 from Atari.

Atari 2600 Model

Atari 5200 Model

Did you or someone you know own either one of these versions of Atari? If it wasn’t for Pac Man and Atari, the gaming industry would not be as big as it is today. I’m sure the future would have eventually gave way to the modern video games, but it was the Atari 2600 and Pac Man that got the ball rolling. Most people will give Pong the credit for the first video game ever. While that may be true, I know it was Pac Man that really sent video gaming to a new level. Only after the success that PacMan brought to the table; made the following games like Donkey Kong, Frogger, and Pit Fall possible. After these games came out, it was on and the video game industry hasn’t slowed down yet.

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The Life of Dolphins

It must be an interesting life for a dolphin swimming around in the large oceans of the world. Its estimated that around 70% of the Earth’s surface is covered in water and leaving us about 30% for land. I have only seen a small percentage of each but the vast ocean life that is out there is really hard to imagine. I can’t picture dolphins using up much of this space but they probably travel roads through the oceans they have never been on before. We travel a lot of the same roads in life and this isn’t true for dolphins or other animals that call the ocean home.

Dolphins have an amazing ability to communicate with each other and they can send out sounds that is the loudest sound of any of the other animals under the sea. You would think a blue whale or a killer whale would have a sound louder than a dolphin, but they don’t. Dolphins are really smart and they are interesting to study and read about. I also find it strange that they will cover more ground in their lifetimes than most humans will. I’m not really sure any human will cover the territory a dolphin does; since they do travel all the time and have to come up for air. A dolphin can’t stay submerged under the water like other animals in the ocean can. They have underwater swimming abilities like a human and they have to surface for air. They can stay under much longer than us and I’m sure they are not grasping for air like we do when we surface above the water line.

If you’re looking to get the kids involved with something they can learn from, be sure to let them know all of the amazing things dolphins can do. I think children and adults will find them very interesting as they learn more about this intelligent creature. Dolphins do use more of their brain capacity than a human does and it’s another interesting tid bit that people find fascinating. If we as humans could use just half of our brain capacity we might all be Albert Einsteins by the age of 10.

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Hansgrohe Faucets: German Quality

The Germans have some of the best skilled and hardest working people on the planet. One good example of this true German quality is with their faucets. I’m not sure how many companies in Germany produce bathroom faucets and kitchen faucets, but one company, headquartered over in Germany, really stands out with the well-designed products they produce daily. The Hansgrohe faucet is a work of art and a really well-produced item for any kitchen or bathroom. The employees at the Hansgrohe company do a fantastic job in buffing these parts just right. It isn’t easy to buff a chrome faucet part. You must do all of your buffing in one direction, so the strokes on the chrome or other faucet and handle parts match. You can’t buff a chrome part one way and then change directions. These flaws can easily be seen in the light. Any workers at a Hansgrohe manufacturing plant, that buffs their parts in different directions, won’t make it pass the inspection process at Hansgrohe. Their inspectors also do a nice job in determining if the right “shine” is put on each faucet part they make and design. I don’t think most Americans would last very long at a job; in which they had to buff these faucets and handles. I’m sure most of their parts get made in Germany, but the U.S. does have plants over here that produce these beautiful faucets from the German company Hansgrohe.

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Trivia Blog

Have you ever been with friends that seem to know a lot about nothing. We just came across this new blog that will provide a Trivia Blog for all They have one of their blogs that talk about “Weird Jobs” and some of the items are quite interesting. Such as , do you know what a Vermiculturist does?: Answer: worm farmer.

Another great post is on inventions throughout history. This was of interest, becuase my family just went downtown Philly, and took the tour of Benjamin Franklin once lived, and some of his great inventions. They also talk about Fact of shaving, which they state that an average shave will trim away between 20K- 25K hairs? they must be referring to the Wolf man, because that seems like a lot of hair. If that were the case, there would be millions of sinks everyday clogged with hair. Yikes!

I would recommend this to some of friends to help them with some of their trivia knowledge. Best of Luck!

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Finding office space in NYC

If you own a successful business, then there is a very good chance that you will need office space at some time in the future. You may already be at that stage now. There are a lot of things to consider when it comes time to rent or lease some office space. Your office will be more than a simple place where you work every day. Your office space will also be an investment into your business. No business wants to waste any amount of money on anything, and not doing the proper research can make things extremely costly when choosing office space. Even small to medium companies looking for ny office space look to outsourcing companies in order to locate temporary space that can lead to more long term solutions. Your office space can help your business grow, and it can even help you establish brand awareness. If you are looking for office space, then these tips will help to ensure that you pick out the right place the first time.

Location Means Quite A Lot

The location of your new office can have a direct effect on just about everything that your business does. Not only will it affect your daily commute, but it will also affect every single one of your employees as well. Choosing a location that is closer to everyone will make it much easier for you and your employees to get to work every day. For example finding nyc office space can be difficult if you are trying to stay in a certain area,but if you are flexible then quality nyc office space can be found for short term and long term deals.

You may also need to factor in your customer base before you start looking at office spaces. If your business requires regular customer visits, then a location that is geared more towards your customers might be the best choice.

Finding Available Office Spaces

This can easily be the most difficult part about renting office space. Some people will drive through popular office locations in their area, but there is an easier way to find great office locations. The Internet has made it extremely easy to locate just about anything, including office spaces. There are plenty of websites that not only list office spaces for rent, but they also provide just about every piece of information that you could ever want to know about a specific office space. You can learn more about a location, the price of an office, the size of an office and everything around the office on most websites. You can Read more here to find out more about finding and renting office space in NYC and other parts of the country.

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Retargeting Advertising – It Works!

An advertising company has put a new twist on branding and they refer to this as retargeting advertising. Instead of taking the individual approach and branding yourself online. They are branding their clients, by the web pages or websites they use to promote on the World Wide Web each day. These websites can be branded or retargeting the same online people over and over, until eventually these people learn to recognize the retargeting, advertising efforts and become familiar with the client’s website.

After that, it all depends what you are promoting and how interesting it is to the majority of people online today. The retargeting methods which Recrue Media is providing for their customers, is only a way to get their client’s website noticed and read. It still becomes a matter of what it is you’re promoting and how attractive it might be to others, who are seeking to establish a income online.

I think using retargeting companies to get your traffic used again or recycled in front of the same Internet Users, is a terrific way to gain more exposure and attention for the programs you seek more sign ups from. Growing a massive downline for any one program is tough. In most cases, the only way you can achieve this, is by trying new methods and advertising techniques. Since most marketers are not concentrating on any types of retargeted traffic, it gives these folks a chance to build and earn in a way they were not aware of before.

If you have a solid program or a super new way to make money, but you only need for people to give you more of their attention. Then you would be the perfect client for the online services; which Recrue Media is providing for their members. It all begins with targeting other Internet marketers and then targeting them over and over again, until the retargeting process has got to them and now they’re ready to have a look and see what your money-making program, is really all about. Retargeting any group of people in the World of online marketing, is always twice as good as targeting a new audience for the first time! Remember that and don’t forget about the services being offered by Recrue Media and you will have made positive strides for today!

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Using Our Creative Side for Halloween

While October 31st is for dressing up in fancy costumes and going door to door for trick or treating fun, we don’t ever really think about this holiday as a time to create. Some of our most creative ideas probably come to life on this day; than any other day on the calendar. Especially for someone who decides to design and create their own Halloween costumes. Some home owners get creative on the things they will hand out to the children each year for trick or treating. Others may choose to be creative with the delivery process for handing out all of those goodies. Also, let’s don’t forget about the pumpkins and how we get creative to to turn them into jack-o-lanterns. Some adults will practice a lot of Halloween decorating ideas and not just for the kids. They are a lot of talented folks who will create Halloween gifts, to give out to their co-workers, friends, or family members. Some of these gift-giving ideas are really genius-like and it amazes me how some people get their creative juices flowing this much. Do you have an aunt or someone creative in your family? Who always makes it a point to come up with some special homemade crafts, to give out as Halloween gifts. I don’t have this creative side on Halloween or any other time of the year. I do admire people who can create the coolest little gifts, out of ordinary items you can find just laying around the house.

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