Shop Wiki Branding Shoppers Online

Before the dawn of computers and the Internet there were people who liked to go out shopping. Usually these shoppers would have to wait until the weekend to cure their shopping craves, but shopping was something the Net didn’t invent. Shopping during the week (Monday – Friday) and during the late night hours, after most department stores have closed, is something we do credit to the World Wide Web. Our computers have created a easy avenue for shoppers to go shopping anytime they want and for just about anything under the Sun. If its 2 a.m in your part of the world and you want to go shopping for halogen lamps for sale online; then you have that luxury as an Internet shopper.

The only modern problems we have with shopping online, is the fact the Internet is so big. If you decide its time to buy a new arm lamp, for a hallway in your home or above the desk in your home office, you probably won’t find the cheapest ones for sale. You may not even find the coolest designs or the hallway lamps you like the best. This is where comes in and prevents people from over spending online. This is because Shop Wiki will scan the entire landscape of the Internet World and find all of the stores, merchants, and online retailers who are offering a specific product, like a desk lamp for instance. Not only do you have the widest selection possible for choosing a new lamp, but you also have the luxury of comparing the prices. Once you get use to letting Shop Wiki find the lowest online prices for you, there will never be any other reasons, for you to shop in any other ways.

These guys are doing their own form of branding and it isn’t just branding a certain product or a company’s name. They’re branding shoppers to come to their website first and begin their search with them for a lamp or anything else they would like to buy online. All consumers need to check with first, for cheap lamps, other household items, clothes, jewelry, kid’s toys, electronic gadgets, and anything else you like to buy online.

Our way of shopping may have got branded, but lucky for shoppers, it isn’t our wallets paying the price. Which reminds me, I better go to Shop Wiki and see about finding me a new wallet online. I believe I will need one now, since I will be saving money with every purchase I make now, from my computer at home!

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Your Turn for Acne

At some point in our lives, most of us will have to deal with acne. What will you do when it’s your turn? There are a lot more products on the marketplace today, for dealing with acne problems. Keeping your face as clean as possible and using a good face wash for acne, are two good places to begin. Before you go out and buy too many different acne products at the store, be sure to look online for acne reviews. A lot of these reviews on the Internet can help consumers with buying an effective product the first time out. There should be other websites online available for offering some good acne tips. A combination of acne medicines and preventing acne is a good method for controlling acne; when your turn does come up.

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Traffic Attitude Holiday Promotion

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You won’t find a better deal online! This is the best deal in the traffic exchange industry and for less than $5, you will be positioning yourself for all the Internet users that will be using their computers to shop online for this Christmas season and for everyone that sill start looking for ways to make money after Christmas Day is over. Lots will be getting a new computer from Santa Claus this year and it doesn’t take those new computer users long to start learning about marketing and the different ways to earn money online. Your purchase today, guarantees that you will be prepared to handle all these people that find their way to Traffic Attitude for this holiday season.If your not a member yet; then I encourage you to join Traffic Attitude, so you can see your website being promoted and seeing all the other ways Traffic Attitude has to help you promote your websites online. We offer a auto and manual surf exchange for all those that like to use traffic exchanges online. We also offer text link advertising, feature ads, links on the surf bar, and banner advertising. Our banners are not only seen by the 1800+ members we have now, but your banner will also be shown on our referral pages that get seen all over the World Wide Web.Traffic Attitude is the perfect starting point for those that are just beginning to promote a website or a referral page online. Let us help you find new customers, build up your downlines for various programs, and to get indexed and get better rankings  in the major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and MSN (Bing). The SEO or Search Engine Optimization game really isn’t that hard when you get Traffic Attitude on your side. It’s completely free to join Traffic Attitude and to start taking advantages of our explosive advertising methods online. For those that don’t have a lot of time to surf and promote their own sites this holiday season; then take advantage of this Special Holiday Promotion that Traffic Attitude is offering right now for only $4.44.

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Amazon Gift Cards and Amazon Toy Bargains Online

Radio Control Truck @

What child would not want to wake up on Christmas morning and see this nice monster truck under the Christmas tree? This is the most popular big truck of them all. They call this the Bigfoot Truck and for years it has been the main attraction at all the monster truck show r alleys. I wish I had this truck and I am almost 40 years old! It is a remote controlled truck or a radio control toy; which allows the youngsters to stir this around the whole house. It even works great, when the controller is in a different room from the Big Foot Truck you see in the picture above. While most stores would be happy to sell you this nice toy for around $100, you can find it online for about half the cost as stores sell it for. Some folks might get lucky and find a toy sale going on and get this radio controlled truck for $79.99. Save your gas and just shop online and get it for 30 bucks cheaper on the Net. This is just one of the many great bargain toys, you can find online at Amazon this holiday season.

Amazon Gift Cards

For those of you having trouble finding the right gift, cash is always a great choice! The Amazon Gift Cards allow anyone to come online and do their shopping day or night. Its a good feeling, when I can shop online at Amazon at 2 or 3 a.m. or in the wee hours of the night, when most stores and malls are closed. An Amazon Gift Card comes in a wide variety of different nominations. If you want to send $10 or $500, you can do this with the Amazon Cards this holiday season. Send your kids, relatives, and co-workers the gift of Amazon Cash, so they can go online and buy something they will really like. It is never a bad idea to give money as a gift. Allowing the person to pick their own holiday gifts is the best way to do things in the 21st century. Don’t waste shopping items, which will never get used or even opened out of their packaging. Go with an Amazon gift card, so your friends and loved-ones, can pick out the things they need most or will at least use on a regular basis. The Amazon Store has everything in stock and anyone from around the World can go shopping day or night. It’s fun to shop 24/7 online and it’s really fun, when you get to spend someone else’s money!

So as you can see, Amazon is a great place for the adults and the kids of all ages. Just a super supply of toys for boys and girls. The easy-to-buy gift cards for Amazon is nice too!

Amazon Toys for Under $10

Einstein Press & Play Toy Bear

Deluxe Box of Puzzles from Melissa and Doug

Brainy Monkey Squeaker Plush Dog Toy

Glowbys LED Fiber Optic Light Up Hair Barrette

Take Along Tunes from Baby Einstein

12 Pack of Inflatable Rock Guitars

Glee Christmas Album – Favorite Holiday Tunes from the Glee TV Show!

Mr. Potato Head for New York Yankees MLB Team Collection

New Ray KFX 450 Green Four Wheeler – Toy 4 Wheeler

Wes Walker Action Figure – New England Patriots McFarlane Figurine Football Player

These are just a small sample of the online toy bargains you can find at Amazon Toys. The selection for toys under 10 dollars is enormous. You could easily make a 1,000 item shopping list, with just the 10 dollar toys and under. For toys 20 and 30 dollars in price, there is also a lot to choose from. Don’t forget the latest video games either; when you shop for the teenager children. You might not have heard yet, but there is a New XBox Console out for the video game players. It is just under $300 at Amazon and this is a great gift for anyone who loves video games.

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Hurricane BP No Match for Anderson Cooper from CNN

The BP Oil Spill is a lot like the Energizer Bunny, it just keeps going and going and going. No one knows when the oil leak will stop in the salty waters, where the leak is said to be more than a mile deep in the Gulf of Mexico. I really feel bad for those residents that live in the border states to the Gulf region. I’m sure there are big concerns for those that live on the Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida coast lines. All of these beaches are in danger of the tar balls that have already washed up on some beaches in the U.S. States.

I really like to hear Anderson Cooper from CNN reporting on this oil crisis in the Gulf of Mexico. He really has a way with his words and Anderson is not letting BP get away with this disaster in the Gulf that has already killed 11 BP workers from the initial blast that started the whole thing 2 months ago. If you feel BP is not holding up to their end of things and should be doing more for the families of those workers who lost their lives and for the residents in the southern states who are close to the oil spill, you should watch CNN. One of the best reporters on TV today is Anderson Cooper and he’s always been brave, when he has had to cover the hurricanes in the Gulf and Atlantic states. Now his bravery is once again focused in the Gulf and this time he’s reporting on the actions or lack of actions from the British Petroleum or BP company. I guess we can call this Hurricane BP and you can bet Anderson Cooper will keep America and the rest of the world up to date on this oil tycoon’s hurricane in the Gulf of Mexico.

Have you had a chance to watch 360 with Anderson Cooper on CNN? I didn’t watch his show in the early days of this oil crisis in the Gulf. I would have like to known his tone of voice back then, but I have certainly been catching his show on CNN lately. Mr. Cooper from CNN is a hero for everyone out there that fears the worse will continue to happen with the BP oil spill. This oily mess that has affected the lives of millions of people now, since it has lasted over 2 months, is what Anderson Cooper is staying on top of right now. He has taken a strong tone of voice to the people running the oil company BP. Anderson has reported that BP refuses to come on his show anymore or to return his phone calls. The BP company is trying to bury their heads in the sand and CNN and Anderson Cooper won’t let them. If these guys would bury their head on a beach in the panhandle of Florida, Alabama, or Mississippi right now, they would probably come up with a mouthful of oil tar.

BP has failed in so many ways and it’s only going to get worse for them. They are hoping to work with President Barack Obama on this crisis, but little do the know, Mr. Obama has his own problems and hands full with his unpopular presidency right now. While Americans are regreting the fact they voted in a Democrat for President, you can bet the Republican party will be smiling in 2012. Since Obama is in no hurry to clean up the oil mess in the Gulf, since this does take all of the attention off of him right now, this has only hurt the folks from BP even more. They should have stepped up at the beginning and took full blame and did everything in their power to fix this ecological nightmare in the World’s most abundant place for fresh seafood. Instead, they waited on the American politics and an American President that is only concerned about saving his own reputation. People like Anderson Cooper, who has exposed multiple cover ups by the guys from BP is going to be the nail in the coffin for this huge oil company. BP will not survive the oil leak and they might have already knew this and why they’re still cutting corners on the clean up efforts in the Gulf of Mexico.

The BP stock did look like an attractive buy, since it had fell so much, but the company BP will be ending all operations in the United States and World Wide, since it doesn’t have enough money to fix the oil leak and repair all the lives of the people who have been affected by this big mess in our waters. Remember where you heard it first, and I will repeat my words. BP is no longer operational, because they can’t afford to pay for all the costs this oil spill has caused. BP is bankrupt and will be broken down and sold off in pieces to other oil companies. The gas stations that use to sport the Amoco signs, but no longer do, since BP took over, may be a possibility, but the green and yellow BP signs won’t be around much longer at your gas stations in your hometowns. BP is finished and this is the end of the story.

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Searching for Online University Reviews

Search and find various online university reviews to help make your decision.

There is also a lot of clever ways around the costs, that it takes to get started in an online school. Once you go through searching online universities from your computer and find the school that looks best for you. You can contact these schools and they will be more than willing to help you learn about student loans. Most people going back to school will get approved for a student loan and this will keep their tuition and other fees paid; while they get a degree online. Typically these student loans don’t give you a free education, but it becomes much more affordable and the big payments for paying it back, will come after you get a better paying job. The online universities will also show you about government grants and how these grants will help pay for your education too. So as you can see, there are a couple of things you can do to reduce your back-to-school costs. It’s much cheaper than most people think and I just love the fact I can do my work at noon or midnight each day!

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Urban Meyer’s Ambien Addiction

Urban Meyer Ambien Addiction

The coach for the University of Florida’s football team is suffering from some severe sleeping problems. At least that would suggest his use for the popular sleeping pill Ambien. This is a strong sleeping pill and people don’t often function properly after taking more than the prescribed dosage of Ambien. This appears to be the case with Urban Meyer who was taking Ambien in Atlanta; when his wife made a phone call to 9-1-1 for help. She was fearing for her husband’s life as he was struggling with the side-effects from Ambien.

Only people with severe sleeping problems get prescribed a drug like this. It’s not been reported yet if this was his prescription or if he purchased these drugs off the street. It will probably have future consequences with the NCAA and the Florida football program. The Gators did let Alabama beat them this year and they didn’t win the SEC Title in Atlanta like many was predicting to happen. Perhaps this is the first sign of Urban Meyer’s decline, if he does indeed have an addiction to Ambien or other sleeping pills.

You don’t want to get hooked on sleeping pills. Going to sleep each night is something that should happen naturally. Using medications to help you sleep, just mask the problem and chances are there is a more severe problem going on. Obviously Urban Meyer felt like he needed help with his sleeping, after losing the SEC Title Game. It could also be a sign of depression or frustration and he sought to use Ambien to help him with the tremendous feelings of being beat on a national stage at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta. It’s unclear who will be the head coach of Florida next season and I would think it would be tough for Urban Meyer to just sit on the sidelines without having some control of what takes place on the football field. The Florida Gators football recruiting will suffer as new recruits look for other schools to play their collegiate careers at and will go to where the coaching situation is more stable. The Gators don’t have an impressive class coming in this year and that will probably drop off even further next year as no one knows who is coaching the Florida Gators football team.

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My Fantasy Baseball Team

Over at Yahoo this year, I decided to get back into the fantasy swing of things. I had taken a year off to enjoy watching sports without the fantasy side of it. Now I am ready to hop back into action and I did this with a fantasy baseball team at Yahoo Sports. It’s free to do and even though the MLB season has started already. You still can sign up for team, leagues, and do a automated draft or even the fun live drafts. I did a live draft in a 12 team league. Our league is made up of some pretty good owners I believe. After a little over 1 week of play, my team is in 5th place.

I mixed things up in the draft. I did a lot more pitching in the higher rounds, than I am use to. My first ace pitcher was Zack Grienke of the Milwaukee Brewers. I was unaware of his injury status. If I knew about this, I would have passed on him. He is currently riding my DL (disabled list) and I hope to get him back in about 3 to 6 weeks from now. Even though I used some high picks in the draft to select pitchers, I am still struggling in the starting pitcher category. I used my high picks on closers mainly and one injured pitcher, so its going to take some time to pan out for me. My team is doing very well in the saves category, as I have about 3 closers on my team. In a 12 team league, it would be impossible for everyone to have 3 closers, so I have the early advantage there. This is not a head to head baseball league. I decided to do the rotisserie fantasy baseball with my busy, hectic, and unpredictable schedule.

Another stat I need some help in right now is with home runs. I thought I had my power numbers covered, but my team is not knocking them over the fence right now. I got the third basemen from the Toronto Blue Jays who hit 54 homers last year. He’s off to another good start with a couple of blasts to start the season. I have the Detroit Tigers Manny Cabrera I have high hopes for and expect him to give me 35 homers, but may need 45 for my team to really do well this year. I lucked up and got Scott Rolen late in the draft and he has had 1 homerun already. I hope he can help my power numbers some too.

I will try to reveal more players from my fantasy baseball team as the year goes on. As of right now, I need starting pitching and some home run power. If I can manage to trade or sign these needs through free agency, I can begin to move up the board and don’t have to get comfortable in this 5th place spot, I currently find myself in. By the way, I did pick in the 5th spot in my live draft, so from that perspective, I am right in-line to where my team should be.

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Buying Stylish Rain Boots Online

There are a variety of different rain boots online consumers can shop for. You can find these all-weather footwear products on a lot of different online websites. I believe the ladies would enjoy shopping online for some of these stylish rain boots that are available just for them. We normally don’t think of female shoppers looking for women’s rain boots online. I believe its due to the fact a lot of women don’t realize just how fashionable some of these boots are. No one ever buys an umbrella when it’s not raining outside. The ones who do choose to get an umbrella on a bright, sunny day are glad they made the purchase, when the wet stuff does begin to fall outside. I believe the same is true for rain boots. No one really wants to shop online for boots that were made to keep your feet dry during a rain storm. For all of those women that do choose to shop for rain boots; while the sun is shinning, will be happy and more than willing to go out, the next time Mother Nature decides to give us a few drops of rain. This is just the practical reason and why these rain boots were made. I believe women will want to wear these stylish rain boots during the pretty days too, since a lot of these boots are so stylish for women. If there are any ladies out there, what was your initial reaction, when you saw this picture of ladies rain boots on my blog?

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The Golden Eagle

golden eagles

Got up this morning and seen a very large bird in my yard. I wasn’t sure what it was, so came online to see. It turns out that it was a golden eagle in my yard. It’s the first time I have ever seen one of these large and beautiful birds. They can travel up to 150 miles per hour and are one of the most feared birds when it comes to their prey. They will swoop down and grab rats or rabbits or other small animals like that. They have even been known to attack full grown deer. A bird attacking a huge deer is amazing and this must be one hungry bird to attack such a large animal.

These golden eagles can be found in North America, Eurasia, and in Africa too. It seems in Almedia, California is the place they like the best. This is where they are the most densely populated and must have something to do with the weather and the type of game that roams the land in this part of California. If you have never seen a golden eagle before, it truly is a memorable sight to see. I don’t think I will forget my first experience this morning with a golden eagle anytime soon. I hope this one plans to make a home nearby and I will get the opportunity to see it again.

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