Help For Those 18 Wheel Accident Victims

Too many big trucks are on the road these days. Many times these truck drivers have been driving for many hours and don’t have the quickest reaction times. Their fender benders are not like the ones other motorists have on the roads and Interstate highways. A big 18 wheeler can destroy an entire family in a blink of an eye and the truck drivers usually walk away unharmed or with very little injuries. Even in Texas, where truck drivers can see for long distances and should never be in a wreck, they still drive too fast, and cause serious car crashes. A family in Texas, who gets in a accident with a big rig truck and can live to talk about it. They should bring these truck companies into a Texas Courthouse and make them defend their actions out on the roadways in our Justice System. These family members need to go hire the best Texas truck accident lawyer that money can buy, so they can hold these trucking companies accountable. Too many lives have already been lost in Texas and other U.S. States. Its time the Justice Department in every one of the 50 states, get tougher on truck drivers, who carry full loads on top of their 18 wheels.

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Driving Cross Country in an RV

My family has never owned a RV or a camper on wheels before. I would love to have a RV or just a big luxury bus and drive it across the country. Start some where along the Eastern Coast of the U.S. and end the trip some where on the Western Coast of the United States. You don’t get to see America as much in an airplane that takes you clear across the country. You may be able to see a few neat places in America this way. I’m sure the Mississippi River is a nice sight from the friendly skies above, but I would prefer to see all of the small towns in America.

I know it would cost more to travel this way, but that would be fine with me. My cross country trip wouldn’t be about going to a vacation destination, because the trip would be my vacation. I’m not even sure how long it would take to drive across the country, but I would imagine it would be at least a week and probably longer if you made several stops along the way. I would be on a tight schedule, so couldn’t afford any long term break downs. I would probably jot down the phone number to a good and reliable rv towing service to prevent any extended stays. I’m not sure which states I would choose to go through, but since I live in the Southern USA; I would probably stick with the southern states. I would like to drive some on the infamous Route 66 and I think this road can be found in Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California. I would probably try to find Route 66 in Oklahoma and just follow it’s path to the West Coast. I guess I better start saving now, so I can make this dream come true one day.

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Branding Your Name on Common Items

A company logo or some type of picture that represents your business is a good idea. You can brand a picture for your small business or come up with a creative slogan. What ever you come up with, you can market on common everyday items. Like an ink pen, toy Frisbee, or even some T-shirts. I always like the companies who take glasses or mugs and add their slogans or logos to them. I think this is one of the smartest ways to brand something offline. You can get custom designed coffee mugs made pretty cheap. It won’t set you back that much. It could just be the best business idea, you have ever had or came up with for your new business. I know a lot of people work hard on branding processes online. I think it can be much more difficult to brand offline and my hat’s off to the companies who have achieved this style of offline branding. I believe a mug is a great marketing tool and one that every company should be using. Don’t forget the custom designed ink pens either!

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Sweater Weather Griping the Nation

I always feel bad for the corporate men and women who have to wear suits and ties during the summer months. Now with wave after wave of arctic blasts coming down from Canada and making most U.S. states unbearably cold, it might just be the perfect outfit to wear right now. Experts best advice to citizens, during cold weather patterns, is to dress up in layers. Each layer of clothing offers a protective shield against the cold weather and also provides installation for retaining more of your own body heat. A typical suit and tie outfit, will consist of a cotton T-shirt, a dress shirt, and then a stylish jacket. This corporate-looking business attire is actually a great winter weather outfit. Dressing up in a suit right now, is the smart way to dress during these super cold spells, most of the country is having to deal with right now. You should also have a heavier coat, that can button or zip up, to provide 1 more additional layer of clothing. So for everyone who is enjoying the warm weather protection a business suit provides right now. Will also have to remember the long hot days of summer ahead; where the suit is not as comfortable to wear. It’s just like everything else in life. No matter how great or how bad something is, you can sure bet that a trade off is just around the corner!

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Happy Fathers Day to the Dads

I hope all of the dads out there had a great Fathers Day on Sunday. I’m just an uncle and not a daddy yet. My day started off with a couple of great movies I watched on the Movie Channel. One was called Bad Company and it was a movie from 1972; which was the same year I was born. I know most men born in this year already have their own families and lots of kids running around. So the men my age are mostly dads and I am an exception to the rule. The other movie was called Scorched and it was about a bank in the desert and how several employees all working at that bank robbed it at the same time. It was pretty funny and a little silly, but still a good Sunday morning movie. The afternoon on Fathers Day called for a little baseball, as I watched my Atlanta Braves finish off a 3 game sweep of the Kansas City Royals. After that, I came to the computer and spent most of the evening doing my computer stuff. I enjoyed my day today and I hope all of the fathers out there enjoyed their day too.

I know it takes a special ingredient to be a good dad. A lot of kids out there from the very young to the very old really appreciate what their dads do every day for them. Most of us don’t know what our dad’s felt like when they found out we were going to be born one day soon. I believe all the really good dads were excited about the news, when they found out they were going to be a father. I could see them handing out cigars at the hospitals on our delivery day and they probably sent a lot of baby announcements after we were born. I know this sounds like a mom’s job, but some dads probably let mom rest and would send out the announcements for her. Just like that special Sunday we have for our moms on Mothers Day, I think the Sunday for dads on Fathers Day is just as important. Cheers to all of the great dads out there!

For those who have children and haven’t been a dad since their kids were born yet. Still have time to play the role of dad and you will want to do this as soon as you can, so you can fulfill your duties as the man of the house or just for the person we know as daddy. Thanks men!

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Video Marketing Popular Online

Give an Internet marketer something they can work with online and they will find a way to turn it into a marketing avenue. Popular websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube are just some of the sites online now that marketers have took advantage of, to market their interests online. I have seen just about everything under the sun that gets marketed on these popular and social networking websites.

You can do the same thing too! If you’re currently in an affiliate program or just want to market term life insurance; these sites can help you too. A topic like insurance is real popular online. Shoppers for insurance will use search engines to find auto, home, or life insurance online. A lot of these links from the search engine, might just lead to a video online that is talking about term life insurance or an insurance plan for your boat, motorcycle, or RV insurance. I wish I had more knowledge on how to create and upload these videos online, because they’re a popular new way to market on the World Wide Web. I believe video marketing will continue to grow and we’re only seeing the early stages of it now.

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Panning for Gold

The prices of gold continue to soar in the markets. This begs the question, should we be out looking for gold? Panning for gold is hard work. I am someone that likes to get outdoors with Mother Nature every now and then and panning for gold is a good way to achieve this. It can be rewarding to find a flake or two of gold. I haven’t never found any gold nuggets in a river or creek bed. Most of the gold I have found has been with the pans used to find gold. It’s not easy finding a new vein of gold, but with today’s prices going so high for gold, it might be worth the effort to get out and pan a few streams.


I live in North Georgia where there is a gold belt. It’s not hard to find gold in North Georgia, but knowing where to look for it can be tricky. Do you have gold in your state? Have you ever found gold before? I would love to hear your gold panning stories or your searches for gold. I would like to learn more tips about where to find gold. According to a recent program on TV it is best to look for areas with large rocks. This could be your first sign to a region that might be rich in gold. It takes an incredible amount of force and time to create gold in nature and an area where there is big rocks, shows that is an area where two of these traits are possible. Your quartz finds and looking for blank sand is the secondary methods for finding gold in your area. I need to know which types of crevices in rock bottom creeks are the best to clean out and which ones are not worth the time.

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2010 New Year’s Diet Resolutions

How many of you wanted to lose more weight in 2010? More importantly, how many people out there are still staying true to their New Year’s diet resolutions? If you have made it this far; then you certainly beat me this year and all of the other resolutions I failed too. Only another week left in March and that is that magical 3 month or 90 day period. Anything you can stick to for 3 months or 90 days, should become a habit for you. There are good habits and bad habits, so be sure you’re doing the right thing over each 90 day period. I believe 90 days is the key for diets that work and people continue to follow their dieting routines after 90 days. Give yourself a big pat on the back; if you have been on a diet since New Year’s Day or longer. As for me, I believe I will just try to find an easier resolution to try and lower my standards. Maybe that way, I can finally make a resolution last more than 90 days.

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Following the Obama Trail for Money

Money can put a smile on anyone’s face. Even powerful U.S. Presidents like to get in on the action every once in awhile. Obama may not do a good job managing tax payers’s money, but he certainly found a way to earn real cash money online. The 2×1 Xtreme Matrix is all you need or anyone else needs to begin making fast money online. Members have been flocking left and right to this new matrix program.

What makes this matrix so popular and different from the rest? It’s the fast cycles and I do mean fast! Members are commonly reporting back they cycled in the first day they joined this new hot program. It doesn’t take a lot of effort to make money here. A constant flood of spillovers from the top upline members keep everyone below happy. The thing that makes this program so attractive to join is the cost. For only $1 you can secure your place in the early beginnings of a matrix. This will assure you fast cycles for the upcoming months and chance to earn some nice money long term wtih this program. It’s a great and safe way to begin making money on the Internet. I believe everyone I have talked to already is happy with the results and why wouldn’t they be? Some folks have already completed a cycle and didn’t even have to refer 1 member!

You can increase your odds for success, if you will take the time and promote this 2×1 matrix. It’s the best way to insure you will make your 1 dollar back, plus get a profit. It’s an easy program to understand and no genius skills required to operate this one. I believe the membership base is really going to soar over the next few months and this is why you should get in now. Be sure after you do join for only a buck; that you begin practicing good traffic exchange techniques, so you can really make this Xtreme Program make some serious cash for you and your family.

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Where Were You on 9/11

Hello everyone! Please share your 9/11 stories. What was you doing? How did you learn about the first plane hitting the first WTC tower? Did the 2nd plane already make impact, by the time you had heard about the awful disasters that were taking place that morning in New York? Everyone was picking up their phones and making phone calls that day. Some phone systems went down, due to the heavy traffic. Did you experience any phone outages in your part of the World? Did you use a telephone to let someone know about the events that were taking place on 9/11?

Lady Liberty Watching Evil in the USA

My 9/11 Story

I’m sure you have heard of dozens, if not hundreds of stories on what people were doing or how they found out about the tragic events 0f September 11th. Even 9 years later, we still consider this day the darkest day in American history. My 9/11 story isn’t anything special, so if you have other things to do, please don’t let me waste your time. I don’t think I have ever shared my story online before, so figured I would this year, on the anniversary of 9-11-01.

My story begins online and I recently had heard about a website, where you could play tons of different games and they were all free. The name of this website is Pogo and one of the games they offered there (and still do) is Spades. A card game which is typically played by 4 people. It’s a lot like the game of Hearts, but there are some differences. I love to play Spades, but it’s hard to get 4 people in real life to play this card game. The online gaming community makes this very simple, since there is always plenty of people online and especially at Pogo looking to play Spades.

Now I had been playing Spades for awhile at Pogo, so I wasn’t too new to the games over there. I had played enough Spades, where I had a good online friend and Spades partner, who would play with me on most nights. She was a nurse working a 3rd shift at a hospital and she would often get some free time in the overnight hours, to come online and play Spades with me. We made a good team and won a lot of games.

Now on the night of September 10th, I came online and started playing Spades at Pogo. A few hours later, my Spades partner (the nurse) found which room I was in and she sat down to play a few hands with me. She eventually had to go back to work, so I continued to play with strangers online for the remainder of the night. It was already daylight and I continued strong for a couple of more hours, but was beginning to get real tired. I live in Georgia on the east coast, so it probably gets daylight in my area, about the same hours the Sun starts to peek out in New York City.

Well I was getting ready to call it a night and was playing my last few hands; when a new player came to the table and began to chat. He first said “anyone watching the news?”.  Another member in our Spades game said “yes”.  Then between the two of them chatting, I picked up enough to know, that one of the World Trade Center Towers was on fire. I then spoke up and told them this would be my last game, I had been up all night, and I think I will go lay down and watch the WTC fire on TV as I drift off to sleep. So I got off the PC and turned on the TV. Sure enough, the first channel I turned to, had the burning tower and was showing a live shot.

My first thought, when I seen the tower on fire for the first time was “how are they going to get water that high up or a ladder that high to put out that fire?”. I continued to watch the TV and listen to all of the speculations going on. There were some reports that a plane had hit the building, some reports suggested a mail bomb went off, and a few other things were floating around out there. So at this point, no one knew for sure what was going on or why the WTC tower was on fire.

Then the news people switched off to a news reporter, who was talking about the fire and you had a good close-up of the burning building in the background. A plane came into the picture frame for just a brief moment; then it hit the other WTC tower. My first thoughts after seeing the plane hit “OMG…the water plane which was there to dump water on the fire has accidentally hit the other building. This is so awful…..OMG!”. At this point, my tired body and weary eyes from playing Spades all night long, was suddenly gone and I sat up to see what they were going to do now. It wasn’t long after the 2nd plane hit the building, is when the TV reporters started to say this was a terrorist attack. I really thought it was a small airplane (filled with water), that hit the 2nd tower on that September morning. I didn’t realize just how big those buildings in N.Y. were and how they could make a jumbo jet look that small.

I went and told my daddy to turn on the television, so he could start watching the events that were unfolding in New York City. I then called my cousin up; which he didn’t answer the phone, but I just left him a message on the phone recorder to turn on the news. Shortly later, he would call me back and we talked on the phone for a few minutes. It wasn’t long after we had hung up, when the people on TV asked for everyone in America to please stop making phone calls, unless it was important or an emergency. Seems the phone was the first place a lot of people went to, so they could pass the news about 2 planes crashing up in New York.

The next thing I remember happening was the reports of a fire near the Pentagon and speculation began about it and if it was related to the NYC events. There was also reports of about 10 airplanes; which air traffic controllers had lost contact with. Reports from Chicago, San Francisco, and Washington D.C. and the northern Virginia area were all reporting about unusual incidents and it looked like 9/11 was much bigger than what we know today and the reports that actually had some truth behind them.

Now the whole 9/11 day; which included 4 airplane crashes, all took place in about a 2 hour time frame. No further damage from the skies had took place; once noon time on the east coast had got here, all of the events were well behind us. There was two things that happened after; which I personally found to be amazing. The first thing was the smoke in Manhattan. There was so much smoke around this part of New York City, it just continued to come from the area where the World Trade Center had once stood. In fact, 2 weeks later, we could still see tons of smoke at the crash site and I found that to be incredible.

Another thing I can clearly remember is the TV commercials. Once your regular programming had been interrupted with the first NYC plane crash, the news stations on all of the channels never broke coverage. From those first few moments on Tuesday morning, until Sunday evening at 6 p.m. in the East, the news ran non-stop. We had 6 days (if you count Tuesday) of 24 hour news; which really was 24 hour news of commercial free programming. The guys on the air never took any breaks and never went to a commercial once. The Sunday following 9/11, they took a 30 second or 1 minute break, and this was the first commercial TV viewers had got, since the breaking news coverage had interrupted the normal programming. Now this brief 30 second or 1 minute break, was a 9/11 commercial and I believe it was Red Cross, asking for donations and paying tribute to those who had died on 9/11 and were still trapped on that following Sunday. Most people don’t remember the non-stop media coverage we got after 9/11 and my hat’s off to those guys. They ran 6 days of commercial free, live programming, so concerned Americans could have the latest stories and information; which was coming in all that week and beyond.

That is my 9/11 story. Just another American who remembers what they were doing, when they heard about the tragic and awful events of that beautiful, fall day in the Big Apple of New York, the Pennsylvania Field, and at the site of the Pentagon in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

*PS – My spades partner? I never have seen her again. Last spades game I ever played with her, was in the wee morning hours of 9/11/2001. She was a nurse from Texas. All I can remember, don’t even remember her POGO screen name.

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