Technology Making All Diet Plans Work

Most of us are aware of technology and have witnessed at least one thing where tech has made our lives easier. America has a very violent past and technology was one one of the reasons to blame for this violence. We can also give credit to technology for ending the violent times. As we keep moving toward the future; the technology never stops. Always a way to do something better and tech always finds out what that ways is. Each year we have a new layer of technology that we either use or discover for the first time. All of these layers just keeps growing and nothing is ever taken away. It’s amazing to think, what holes can get filled-in and what revolutionary changes will we see first.

I thought about that and our aging process was one of the first things that came to my mind. Since aging is a chemical process that occurs inside the body, it is possible to develop a formula to prevent us from ever aging again. Or at least slowing it down for us to see 1000 years of the world instead of the 100 we have to live for now. I don’t know if any government would release a formula like this, but I would guess these holes will be filled-in over the next 25 to 50 years.High Quality High Definition Security Camera Systems from are now available.

One thing I believe we will see in the next 5 to 10 years is a diet plan that’s impossible to fail. A lot of time, energy, and money is being spent now to get Americans more in shape. Researchers in this field are being funded very well and a lot of new discoveries are being found. Many of these are associated with our weight and people that are under 50 years old now and overweight; will more than likely get to see and use these weight loss break-throughs. Can you imagine the feeling we will all have, when we go to the drug store to buy a weight loss supplement and they will all work. If you look hard enough in 2010; you can already find diet pills that work, but the future and our FDA (Food & Drug Administration) will probably remove the poor-performing pills from the shelf. No more guessing which one is best, because all dieting products will work.

Are you ready for the future? Just don’t try to stop technology, because people have lost their life trying to slow it down and keep it from happening. It doesn’t matter if it’s good or bad technology, its going to make it here and in our lives with or without your help. Life’s too short for fighting these tech battles and we will be much happier, if we just accept these new modern changes. Please be sure to let me know of any new technology in which you have heard or think is going to happen in the near future.

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Driving Cross Country in an RV

My family has never owned a RV or a camper on wheels before. I would love to have a RV or just a big luxury bus and drive it across the country. Start some where along the Eastern Coast of the U.S. and end the trip some where on the Western Coast of the United States. You don’t get to see America as much in an airplane that takes you clear across the country. You may be able to see a few neat places in America this way. I’m sure the Mississippi River is a nice sight from the friendly skies above, but I would prefer to see all of the small towns in America.

I know it would cost more to travel this way, but that would be fine with me. My cross country trip wouldn’t be about going to a vacation destination, because the trip would be my vacation. I’m not even sure how long it would take to drive across the country, but I would imagine it would be at least a week and probably longer if you made several stops along the way. I would be on a tight schedule, so couldn’t afford any long term break downs. I would probably jot down the phone number to a good and reliable rv towing service to prevent any extended stays. I’m not sure which states I would choose to go through, but since I live in the Southern USA; I would probably stick with the southern states. I would like to drive some on the infamous Route 66 and I think this road can be found in Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California. I would probably try to find Route 66 in Oklahoma and just follow it’s path to the West Coast. I guess I better start saving now, so I can make this dream come true one day.

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Newest Diet Plans Folks Are Now Trying To Do

What is the best modern diet in your opinion? I know of a couple of them, which have popular names, that most people have heard of. I guess they’re popular because they work. It wouldn’t be popular if it didn’t work. Or would it? It is possible to have something so outrageous, it would be making headlines for another reason. I was just curious if anyone out there knew about any new diets? I haven’t took much time recently to look around online and see what dieters are talking about. I haven’t read the oxyelite pro review or any other diet reviews, in recent weeks. Reading some of these online diet reviews, is the best way to find a new diet plan. It can save you money and time, by choosing a diet plan or a diet pill, from a review online, which talks positive or negative about a specific diet or dieting product. If you haven’t ever tried to read the dieting supplement reviews, please give that a try. I believe you will find a wealth of new information and it will save you lots of money and time.

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Paying for Auto Insurance

There are some bills we will always have in life. I wish there was some way to pay these things off, so we could truly be debt free someday. I know car insurance is a good example of a bill that most of us will have to pay forever. We are allowed to pay for it in advanced payments. I often will buy a 1 year term on my car insurance, so I don’t have to worry about it for one year. Paying up front like this can be costly and especially if I get some better auto insurance quotes from another company. No one ever wants to over pay for something. We want to pay the lowest prices for most things we buy. This is true for car insurance and that’s the reason some of us will search high and low for the best rates. I’m happy with my current insurance plan for my automobile, but I would be wise to keep an eye out on other companies that might be offering a better rate. I won’t ever get my auto insurance paid fully, because it’s just another one of those bills I will have to pay for the rest of my life.

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Work Today for Money Tomorrow

I believe if I could go back and do things over, I would have stayed in school longer and got a better education. Not having a good education in the 21st century is just asking for trouble and in some ways it’s became a poison for me. I really can’t change my past and what’s done is done. I can only change my future and to do that effectively, I must do things now, so I can be prepared for the financial costs of tomorrow.

Trying to make money online can be challenging. To off-set the education I missed out on and the potential money I could  be earning today with a good education, I try to make up for it online. Most online programs that will pay you money; are actually just paying you to build up their member counts. This is true for about 99% of the programs online today that Internet Users sign up for, in the hopes they can be earning a sizable income online. The online programs that offer merchandise or vitamins for sale online is not the ones you want to be associated with. These programs are very difficult to promote and it’s hard to find roads; which lead to successful small business advertising for these types of programs. Pushing crappy products online is NOT the way you want to earn money in 2010.

In most cases, the people that promote these vitamins, berry juices, and other assorted products don’t have a need for these items. Chances are the people they meet online and try to get them to buy some of these products have no need for them either. It turns out we have a lot of online marketers that are all pushing horrible products and the only money they’re making, is from others that join and hope to make money too. The bottom line, if you really and truly need something, you just go to Wal Mart and buy it. Don’t fall into these programs that mask unsalable products to a consumer base that is only buying them, in the hopes they will get rich while doing it.

I have decided to take a different approach and only join programs that cut right to the chase. If you can’t tell me how to make money in the first paragraph of your proposal or make me sit through videos that show me all the ways to spend my money, but never telling me how to make it; then I will pass on your online idea for making money. I’m tired of pushing bad products on to people that don’t need them. I’m fed up with these online programs that create promotional pages that are a mile long and still offer very little information on what it is they actually want you to do. No matter what angle, direction, or road they start down, it always ends up with you bringing in new members and building up a downline to earn your money.

If you’re sick and tired of these online programs too; perhaps you can find programs online that will leave out the bull and provide you with good and direct information. Take away the vitamins and other merchandise and let’s just work with the numbers. If building a downline and bringing in new members is really the only way to make good money online; then let’s just focus on the referrals and cash we will be making.

Do a Google search for honest matrix and just join a matrix that leaves out the products and only works by the numbers. Each matrix will offer tools and things in the back office you can use to further your Internet marketing skills or provide you with more knowledge on making money online. A matrix has to offer these tools to make them legal, but you don’t have to use them. They come free with your membership fees you pay to join the matrix. A good online matrix can make you a lot of money and in a short amount of time. All you have to do is build up a downline and once you get that snowball rolling down hill, your earnings can add up real fast. If you can find just 1 active person in your downline, they can help you fill out your matrix levels real easy. This allows you more time to spend and promote other online programs that you can earn money from too.

Before you start throwing your money at any old matrix, try to search for popular ones or ones that have a good reputation for paying their members. I have found an honest matrix that has paid me a couple of times already and I am making good money with it. You just pay a one-time cost of $11 for this matrix and after you get 2 levels full (2 X 4 or 6 people), you will get your first payment via Alert Pay. The 2nd time you cycle through, you gain entry into 2 matrix levels then. Another bronze matrix for a future cash payment and a silver matrix that will pay out more than the bronze matrix levels do. The great part about this matrix is that you do get members in your downline from spillovers and spillunders. This helps to speed up the process with getting your matrix filled. I have several folks in my current downline that are active, so it’s like we are a team now and we help each other to get new referrals for our matrix.

Once you pay your 11 bucks, you’re a member for life. Even if you join and don’t like it and you make the decision to not promote it anymore. Your matrix stays active and your upline may start filling up spots and you not even know it. You will learn about it later; when that first $30 payment shows up in your Alert Pay account. After that first payment gets paid, is usually when people start to get excited about it and will start promoting it much more then. You can help yourself out, if you will promote it and build up an active downline and this will come in handy as you advance into the higher payout levels with this specific matrix.

In order for us to have money tomorrow or in the future, we must put in the work now. You can sign up and start promoting today! An active and honest matrix will create more buzz on the Net and these are the ones that usually cycle through quicker. So if you do decide to join a good matrix online today, keep 2 things in mind. Try to find a popular matrix and an honest matrix and these two ingredients will work well for earning real money online. No need to push any products or worthless merchandise on anyone. A matrix cuts straight to the chase and anyone can join a matrix and earn money from it. It’s easy to understand and easy to see how each person makes money and why it’s worth promoting it online. If you decide to pass on this money making opportunity, just go ahead and save this blog post to your favorites. Try to finish the road you have started down with the current things you’re promoting online and when that fails; you can always come back here and get a fresh, new start on a way to really make money online.

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Beaver Dam Visible from Space

Did you know the world’s largest beaver dam is visible from outer space? This is true! A recent discovery a couple of years back in 2007; when environmental scientist Jean Thie discovered the beaver dam on satellite images. Unfortunately the picture here is not of the world’s biggest beaver dam in Canada. This is actually a picture of the largest dam constructed by man. You can find this dam in China and this is the Three Gorges Dam or 3 Gorges Dam in China. It stretches a little longer than the 850 meter dam in Canada; which was built by a few generations of beavers.

These fury little creatures we know as beavers are excellent builders. They can put a lot of hard work into gnawing down trees and limbs and constructing some of the coolest homes you would ever see. From land, these beaver homes look like a pile of trees a logger has left behind. Normally when you see a pile of trees along a river’s edge, there is a good chance the beaver put them there. You can’t access the beaver home from land. This is why these animals are so smart. No land animals or humans would have an easy time entering a beaver home. Normally you would have to dive under the water to gain entry into the beaver’s home. In most cases, you would find these beaver homes very roomy and quiet spacious. I would like to go inside one of these beaver homes, but I would prefer to go when the beaver wasn’t at home. A beaver can defend itself well enough and especially when someone has entered their living quarters.

World’s Largest Beaver Dam in Alberta, Canada

Now this really is a picture of the biggest beaver dam in the world. It’s amazing to know that this little animal that roams in many parts of North America, could build something that could be seen from outer space. Do you think beavers have contact with life on other planets or they know about something out there we don’t? However you want to look at it, this gives a whole new meaning to the term “eager beaver“.

I believe things have changed now, but at one time, the Great Wall of China was the only man-made object viewable from space. Now the beavers have created a structure that can be seen by our satellites orbiting in space around the Earth.

It’s believed several generations of beavers created this huge beaver dam in Alberta, Canada. The estimates right now; show the first beavers probably started constructing this dam back in the mid 1970’s. Don’t ask me how they know this, but this is what the so called experts are saying. So if this is true, we are looking at craftsmanship; which dates back about 35 years. In the near future, the overall work will be about 4 decades and that’s a very long time for any animal to be working on their home. I guess the fishing is good in this part of Canada and the number of predators must be low, for all these generations of beavers to achieve something on this scale. After hearing and reading about this story today, I have a whole new respect for the beaver.


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Finding your news

In the ever growing world of YouTube, more people are using them as a central source to get all their media coverage, or missed episodes of some of their daily shows. This brings into question, of when the Big networks and media companies will start enforcing their rights of protected content. The NFL, which their are 1000’s of clips from NFL games, expressly states that no part of any of their broadcast may be reproduced without the written permission of the NFL. Will YouTube become the next Tivo? Is YouTube already being used as a verb similiar to Google?

Now that Google has purchased the company for $ billion dollars, it will be interesting to follow the developments over the next 6-8 months, as the larger media companies come calling about their content being displayed, outside of their control.

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Longer Eyelashes for Women

A lot of cosmetic products out there today. I think women want to grow their eye lashes longer than men do. For those women, who would like a little help with their eye lashes, can click here for a product that promises to work. This is a brand new blog, which will be up and running soon. It will list a product for those eyelashes; which women like to have long these days. I was actually born with long eye lashes. I am a man, so I don’t really care to have them. I know a lot of girls and women, have gave me good comments on my eyelashes. They always say “I love your eye lashes, I wish mine was that long“. I don’t really know what the fascination with eyelashes or even eye brows for that matter. I rarely look at another person’s eye hair that closely. I guess if the eyelashes were long enough, they would stick out.

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Friday Night 80s on the Radio

The Friday Night 80’s was a big hit in my area; when they did this about 10 years ago. That radio station doesn’t do it anymore, but luckily another radio station picked up the slack. They started their own version of Friday Night 80’s songs. Instead of just playing the 1980’s decade of music on Friday nights, they will play the 80’s all weekend long. I love listening to some of these 80’s songs on my own home speakers. I grew up in this decade, so these songs mean a lot more to me, than the other songs from other generations. I guess it just depends on the decade you grew up in. I do know of some younger people, who like my taste in the 80’s era in music. So maybe this was just a golden time for rock-n-roll and there really was a lot of good songs out during this time frame. I hope the local radio station here will add some new songs and quit playing the same 80’s songs over and over. Once you listen to it every weekend, like I always do, you start to see patterns in their song selections. Change it up some and keep the songs fresh!

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