The New Perils of Identity Theft

Statistics available from the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) indicate that seven percent of all U.S. residents aged 16 and up were victims of some form of identity theft in 2012. This amounts to about 16.6 million people and represents a serious threat to consumer security. While not all identity theft attempts are successful, the misappropriation of financial information or personal data can create serious long-term problems for the victims of this serious crime.

Financial Issues

Identity theft cases typically involve unauthorized access to the victim’s financial resources and accounts:

• Attempted misuse of bank information accounts for 37 percent of reported identity theft cases.
• Credit card accounts are even more frequently targeted, accounting for 40 percent of identity thefts.

Banks and credit card companies have instituted a number of security measures to protect consumers against the unauthorized use of their accounts by identity thieves. Atypical transactions may trigger a restriction on access to funds until the banking institution can contact the accountholder and verify that these expenditures were authorized. While these restrictions may represent a minor annoyance for account holders, they serve as a valuable protection for the financial assets of bank and credit card customers.

Larger Issues

Approximately 14 percent of all identity theft cases result in financial losses of $1 or more. While these incidents can cause stress and worry, they usually can be resolved relatively quickly by cooperating with bank and credit card representatives. In some cases, however, the thief actually assumes the identity of their victim to open new credit accounts, to avoid legal prosecution for a crime or to acquire benefits from state or federal agencies. These identity theft cases can often go undetected for months and can be much more problematic for victims.

Discovering the Issue

According to DOJ statistics, most consumers find out about unauthorized use of their personal information through contact from their financial institutions regarding suspicious activity on their bank or credit card accounts. Consumers also learn that they’re victims of identify theft when they discover missing funds, see unauthorized charges on billing statements and are contacted by government agencies or companies.

Addressing Identity Theft

The DOJ estimates that 54 percent of identity theft cases involving unauthorized transactions on existing accounts are resolved within one day or less. When new accounts were opened under the victim’s name, however, it can take many months to identify the full extent of the identity theft and may require the intervention of law enforcement personnel to ensure that the perpetrator is identified and stopped. Additionally, it may take multiple attempts to remove the damaging information from consumer credit reports.

Consumers should take the following steps to prevent identity theft:
Shred financial documents when they are no longer needed
Change passwords for online accounts
Check account statements
Monitor credit reports

These steps can provide solid protection against unauthorized access to personal information and consequent identity theft.

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The Pros and Cons of Merger and Acquisition Auctions

Since 2012, there has been a shift in the mergers and acquisitions (M&A) marketplace. Many economists and financial experts noted a decline in mergers and acquisitions volumes in 2012. To accommodate the changing market, traditional methods of conducting merger and acquisition transactions have been replaced by M&A auctions. These auctions allow sellers to gain a full view of every potential buyer, enabling sellers to identify buyers that might otherwise go unnoticed.

mergers_and_acquisitionsTo initiate an auction, the seller will typically prepare a memorandum detailing pertinent information about the business or company that it wishes to sell. This information is then sent to potential bidders and each bidder receives an invitation to make a bid. Once the seller has reviewed all of the bids, the seller will invite buyers with the most attractive bids to move forward in the process. After the draft sale document has been reviewed, the seller may opt to have a second round of bidding. When this has been completed, the seller will select one bidder to continue negotiations in hopes of making a sale.


The M&A auction process can be advantageous for a number of reasons. First, it allows sellers to simultaneously solicit offers from multiple buyers. This not only gives the seller more control, but it also allows them to provide more consistent and timely information to buyers. Additionally, M&A auctions significantly benefit the speed of execution in these transactions. The competitive nature of these auctions may compel buyers to approach with their best bids, rather than holding out until later in the process. If the auction has many potential buyers, it may drive up the price of the business or company. The auction process may be used to get better terms on the M&A transaction.


An obvious drawback of the M&A auction process is that it frequently requires a widespread release of confidential information to the public market. Traditional private treaty sales allow the seller to keep this information confidential. Although this is a necessary part of the M&A auction process, it can prove to be harmful to the company itself. Once this information has been exposed, it cannot be withdrawn. This can be especially harmful if this information makes its way into the hands of a competitor.

Also, in some cases, the auction process may require a large amount of time and effort from the company’s management team. The time spent dealing with potential suitors and their requests often means there is less time for management to focus on running the business. Although this may be a possibility in other processes as well, the odds of this happening are increased significantly when more potential buyers are involved.

Failed auctions are another drawback of the M&A process. A failed auction not only results in negative publicity, but it can significantly reduce the chances of getting a strong price for the business or company in the near future.

The Buyer

From the perspective of the buyer, a private treaty sale is much more advantageous than the M&A auction process. In auctions with a large number of interested buyers, the bidder may be forced to agree to less than desirable terms in order to gain favor from the seller.

Cost per click and branding

branding blogsI was reading an article today that was discussing a new model for advertising called the Cost Per Action. A branding agency I can’t recommend enough with such a wealth of experience, London is lucky to have agencies as high quality as this.What this means is that advertisers would not pay on a Cost Per Click (CPC) basis as is the norm today, but rather pay services such as Google and Yahoo, only on clicks to their sites that actually result in a lead or sale. The one main glitch here is that those Advertisers will have to disclose some of the sales info to verify the sign up or sale. There are some companies that have used cms website design very effectively to drive search engine traffic for their specific niche in order to improver their advertising revenue. We have used the Adsense model for a year now, and the CPC, while it does work, does have room for Click fraud, which appears to be growing. With CPA, you actually are paying for customers requesting more information or an actual sale.

I found it interesting that in this article, they seemed to think this was a new way of doing business, which is not the case.We offer some CPA advertisers on some of our sites. There are several vendors that we deal with and the payouts for some CPA offers are as high as $50. That sure beats the .50 to $1 you may receive via ads that run on your sites. We believe there will be a great synergy between the two forms of advertising, and have found that they can co-exist on the same site..We look to follow this closely, as to help monetize the traffic that we are currently seeing on our main web pages.

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Not Getting Lost on Those Bike Ride Sundays

No more fears for those who like to take the motorcycle out on a nice, sunny afternoon. Especially those afternoons that fall on a Sunday. For some reason, it just seems like Sunday afternoons were make for bike rides. I love visiting the mountains on pretty Sunday afternoon. It makes it just that much better, if you get to do it on a motorcycle. I guess for some of us, we do get lost from time to time. That doesn’t have to happen anymore, if motorcycle owners will install a zumo 220 to their bikes. This just happens to be a nice GPS System with all the latest features and gadgets on it, so you can navigate the open roads, with a little knowledge now. I know some bikers like the “lost” feeling or taking the roads they never been on before. You can still do that! This new global positioning system will not do nothing to detour those riding moods we all like to get in sometimes. The Zumo will just be around for emergency purposes. Imagine riding upon a 1 car accident scene and no one for miles and miles is around. You could use the Garmin 220 G.P.S. to find the closest hospital or busy highway with businesses on them around. Perhaps a thunderstorm comes up and strong winds start pounding on ya too hard. A high tech gadget like this, could come in handy on bad weather days. If your bike isn’t high tech yet, start making new additions to get it up to speed. I think a brand new GPS toy on the bike, would be a great way to start!

Enjoy your weekend outings and for those bike riders in the Southeastern U.S.A.. Please reply back with any special rides that might be coming up in the near future. I love the charity bike rides or just the ones for fun. I can even help spread the word, for your group’s next ride or fund raiser you have planned out. Be careful out there and strap on tight!

North Carolina Attorneys Helping Residents

The Law in the South might seem like everywhere else in the country, but really it’s not. The southern states have their own laws and they are not always written down on the books for everyone to see. If your born in the South and live here all of your life, then you get use to “southern justice“. The only time it becomes a problem, is when an outsider moves in and expects a different kind of justice. We do offer up the best southern hospitality to our guests from other states or countries. What we don’t take kindly to, is those that try to tell us what to do or how to do it.

If you get yourself into a bit of trouble, it is always wise to call up an attorney for assistance. No matter where you live, a lawyer is usually the best move one can make, when a legal issue does come up. Sometimes folks just want to start up a new business in the South, in a state like North Carolina for instance. Here is another opportunity to hire a raleigh business startup lawyer, so you know you’re doing things in the proper way. Carolina lawyers have been assisting residents for as long as America has been America. Generation after generation of legal knowledge gets handed down and its the public and the citizens that get to take advantage of all of this justice power. So the next time you find your self in a little trouble or just want to get a new business up and going; you can rest easy, knowing that a N.C. lawyer is just a quick phone call away!

The Right Merchant Services For Your Business in 2013

There are very few businesses that can’t benefit from the use of an ecommerce website. Don’t automatically assume just because your business doesn’t have a physical product that it can’t benefit from the use of an ecommerce website. There are plenty of businesses out there that provide services on their websites. Ecommerce covers much more than physical products, and if your business is not currently taking advantage of an ecommerce website, then your business is missing out on countless great opportunities. There are numerous merchant services solutions that you can invest in, to help you grow your online business. Here are some tips that will help your business make the jump into the ecommerce world that is full of opportunities.

Setting up the Basics

Before you rush off into the wonderful world of ecommerce, you must first set up some boundaries for your business. Without these boundaries in place, you may run into several problems when it comes time to put your store online. You need to know exactly what you plan on selling, where you plan on selling, and how you are going to ship everything. You will want to research credit card processing options that will fit into your overall design. Don’t wait until you have over 100 orders come in overnight to determine these things. By then, it will be too late. You must know all of this information ahead of time.

Choosing the Right Software

Behind the scenes, your business may have several people that are making things work, but when it comes to ecommerce, software is what makes everything fit together. The right software should make your job a lot easier, not the other way around. This is why it is called an ecommerce software solution, not an ecommerce software problem.Bestellen Sie bestes kratom vom Fachmann.

The software solution that you decide on should be able to do everything. It should be able to take online orders, it should provide your customers with a shopping cart for their purchases, it should allow coupons, it should adjust inventory properly and much more. It should be able to run the entire ecommerce portion of your business.

All of this needs work seamlessly with your credit card processing service.

Finding the Right Software Solution For Your Business

There are several ways that you can go about finding the right software solutions for your business. This is actually the easiest part of the whole thing. Just start looking for software solutions on the Internet. You should have no problems finding plenty of companies that offer this type of software. Just make sure that the software you choose has all of the features that your company needs. Which brings us to the next point?

What Features Should You Look For?

The credit card processing solution that you choose will only be as good as the features that it has. In order to get the most out of your new software package, it must be able to fit right into your current business. You should not have to make any changes to your business for the sake of your ecommerce software. There are More ideas here about merchant credit card solutions. It should have all of the bells and whistles that you need to help make your business operations fast, smooth and efficient.

Mobile gaming continues to rise in 2013

I was reading a recent article that was talking about the rise of mobile gaming. In the year 2000 the were approximately 20 million gamers that were playing online games and casino type games. Then when social network sites became popular in 2008 the explosion happened and the growth exceeded 211 million gamers. Everywhere you look there are new and more interactive games that are coming online where you can play with friends and across various operating platforms. So no matter if you own an iPhone, Android, or Windows phone you can play games with your friends. From simple games like word creation to poker type games. The article noted that people now spend more time on their phone than they do watching TV. Companies are seeing this and making their ads and brands more mobile in order to be where the customers are at and will be more interactive.
mobile casinoSites like understand this trend have created a casino site that is specifically geared towards all those mobile phone users. One of the most popular mobile games for men is texas hold em. Companies understand this trend and are designing their sites to not only be more mobile friendly , but gearing up their games and promotions geared and that millions of online gamers. Not only are they developing apps that run on your smartphone, but they are investing in their websites to make them more mobile friendly across platforms for both phones and tablets. If you love playing online casino games then sites like can help you. If you are going to spend all that time on your phone why not have a little fun and join a quick card game or take a spin on a slot machine.

Computers for Back to School Work

I can remember when I went to school. We didn’t really have computers. There was a computer at the school, in which one teacher had it, and the kids could use it. The only thing I could do on that computer, was to play this cool golf video game. The kids of today, will go get laptop computers, so they can do their school work. If you don’t have a computer, then you will fall behind in a hurry. These computers for school kids are not just for the high school students either. Even the junior high kids (7th and 8th graders) are having to get new custom laptops or a desktop computer for home. I just wonder how this affects some students, who may not have two parents that work and cannot afford a computer for their child’s school work.

I do think its a great learning tool to have. Other than the teacher, the computer is our next best tool for education. I doubt most people saw computers, as educational tools, 20 or 30 years ago. A new day is dawning in America and it looks like we will all be traveling by the technology highway, if we want to get anywhere! Let’s just keep computers affordable and make sure no child is left behind. Do not give out homework to students, who do not own a computer at home. If computers are needed at home, then we must provide grants and coupons, for all of our kids (rich or poor).

Will having a security badge for schools help make them safer

Security in schools has become more sophisticated and more intense. With broadband cameras that can monitor every area of the school and campus and be monitored from off site in the event of an issue. My daughter’s middle school now requires that all students have a school Security badge attached to lanyards that are visible to any teacher or staff on campus. This is done so that school officials can tell quickly if there are people on school grounds that should not be there and be able to act quicker.There are schools across the country that have gone a step further and made it mandatory to have school uniforms even in public schools. Many schools use to send out their printing to local photographers in order to have their id badges done, but this slowed the turn around time and increased cost to the school. There are advantages to having your own in-house card system that can print id cards on demand …

A Badge maker can now be used by schools to create ID cards that can be handed to students at the point of contact, and no more waiting on the printer and their schedule.

Schools now have complete control over the design and production, and this makes for a great Student Council project to add responsibility to their duties.
With just a few clicks of the mouse the school can replace lost cards or print them out for a new student. Plus having and on site id cards can be used to print visitor badges, fund raising cards, activity passes and custom designs for special projects.

Keeping a supply of badge reels or lanyards only minimizes the added expense and expedites the access to the cards with less of a strain of the school budget.
For more information on a Badge maker for your school or institution, please visit the site to learn how you can create your own badges and have more control of your overall security.

Dancing With Mr. Smiley

Guest post by Robert F

It’s true: I have a fear of dancing. I simply can not ease up enough to let loose and dance without the aid of “liquid courage” or, in some instances, courage gleaned from another substance. Considering I love music and most of the best nights I have had involved dancing, it naturally follows that I like to keep courage-inducing substances close at hand. Alcohol has served me well for this purpose, but I have spent too many nights huddled over a toilet seat and too many Sundays skulking about in misery to let the bottle be my only courage inducer. Consequently, on occasion I find party pills to be just the cure I need.

But what about their illegality, the shady dealers, the uncertainty with what may have been cut into a pill? I’m generally too paranoid to bother with the black market, and availability is scarce too. What people don’t realize, and what I didn’t realize until recently, is that there are plenty of “research pills” that contain substances that are legal in all 50 states. So now I am a blissful “researcher” and I have left the shady dealers behind entirely.

My vendor of choice is Herbal City LLC. They sell a wide range of products, including numerous herbal blends and potpourri, but my business with them is exclusive to the “mood enhancing” pills. They can be found about halfway down the page and are branded (appropriately so) as “Mr. Smiley.” The pills that get me in the rave mood, with a smile stretched wide across my face, are the “X-Rave” and the “Kratom” products. I have never been disappointed with these. Shipping generally takes around a week, packaging is discreet, and the benefit of dealing with a legitimate business cannot be overstated. Order, dance, and enjoy!